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FDA is attempting to limit access to compounded medicines

The FDA is trying to take away the ability of Naturopathic Doctors to write prescriptions for use of compounded medicines in their offices and in interstate commerce. Compounding medications have been around for a long time and have been proven to be very safe and effective.  However, since this is a viable alternative to pharmaceutical […]

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Rette Browning - Do not limit states rights

Jen - Let the consumer choose

Cheta Hall - Please vote for Bill S1406

Sherley Crutchfield - Please vote for Bill S1406

JoAnn Langford - Please vote for Bill S 1406

Tina James - Please do not let the FDA override state regulations and impede access to compounded drugs.

Diane Connelly - Please vote for Bill S149

Big tractor – little tractor, we pull weeds – they spray ’em

A farmer named John from Tennessee who operates a large family farm responded an earlier post – What is Pesticide and GMO Drift – by stating “What about thousands of acres of Corn? And if you waited to pull the weeds at that size you have suffered a sizable yield loss already.” Another farmer John […]

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Nathan - This is a very interesting article but there r many things in this farm that r also not environmentaly friendly I will with the older tractor that is used to cultivate which is way less fuel efficient then modern tractors an also has no emmsions on the exhaust which can cause ozone depletion by excessive carbon an then there is no GPS which is used for efficiency to make less trips across the feild which entails using less fuel an causing less exhaust gas also in a cultivation style farming how is this farm compating soil erosion an movoment of nutrients to streams an river which can also kill ur fish friends u were talking about in the article all I have to say there is no perfect way to farm just as there are no perfect people in the world before you go bashing other farms u should take a look at urs first

Richard (Founder) - Nathan,
Just a quick note — that paragraph was one sentence with 123 words!! I have never seen such a long sentence in my life. It was painful to read with all the grammar and spelling errors.
Anyway, we got your point. Here is a response:

1. We farm in a desert. There are no rivers or streams. Anyway we are not using chemicals. So there is nothing to contaminate.
2. That old tractor is a relic which we fire up once in a while.
3. We don’t need GPS on a 250 acre farm. We can see the end of our rows.
4. The tomato rows were planted fairly straight without GPS. It is not as critical as straight rows of corn.
5. Methane is the real culprit causing ozone depletion, not carbon from tractors. Do you have any cows?
6. The Case Magnum in the 3rd photo, even with the smaller 6.7 liter diesel still gives off carbon because carbon is the end-product of combustion of fossil fuels — even when the exhaust is at its cleanest — water vapor and CO2.
7. Carbon is what is screwing up our oceans causing their acidification and resulting destruction (Bleaching) of reefs and change in seawater composition. This is killing off a lot of species and destroying reefs around the world.
8. Debate is not bashing if it is done correctly. You can take a side of an issue and discuss it rationally without the adjectives flying.
9. We use mostly hand-labor to walk our vegetable fields. Zero emissions.
10. If you look very closely at the second picture, you will see that all the plants are fed off drip irrigation. There is no other way to farm in a desert. There is no run-off from a drip system.

Anyway to get to the point — If you are arguing that a new giant tractor having a somewhat more efficient diesel engine compensates for your operation, that is likely spreading GMO Round-up ready seeds, herbicides and pesticides which end up in food, and that is environmentally friendly, I think you missed the entire point of this blog.
Thank you for posting your comment/sentence.
We enjoy a good debate.