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Does olive leaf extract kill good bacteria?

The human body contains ~100 trillion cells. Only 10% of those cells are human (part of our body). The other 90 trillion are bacteria, viruses, and other microorganisms. Some of these microorganisms play a very important role by helping us to digest our food. The bowl below contains kimchi that is being fermented in a […]

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sharon miller - I love this photograph!!! Wow!

Question – Is Olive leaf extract safe for dogs??

Richard (Founder) - Hi Sharon- Which photo? There are 2 in the blog. The kimchi bowl or the Moray eel? I prefer the Moray Eel. Actually I had a print of one hanging in my bathroom. My wife would not allow it anywhere else in the house.

We don’t do any animal-testing. So we cannot specifically tell you that it is absolutely safe for dogs. However, in the 18 years producing it and selling the Olive Leaf, people have used it on their dogs and kids and we have never had a report of any adverse reaction.
Thank you
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Arthritis Part 2 – pain pills are not the cure

After over 60 years and billions of dollars annually on arthritis research — and they want you to continue to take pain killers. According to the Daily Mail.com Americans consume 80% of all the pain pills manufactured in the world. Pretty little blue pills, brown pills, green pills and capsules that form the basis of […]

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Patricia - I’ve been dealing with oa for 7 years now n nothing helps with my pain

How Wildlife Gardens Can Save Animal Habitats

A wildlife garden is a growing space designed to attract a variety of animal habitats to minimize the need for maintenance and human intervention. Because wildlife gardening promotes biodiversity and aids natural pest control, many organic farmers incorporate these techniques to larger plots of agricultural land.

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Cynthia Carlson - Want to keep up on great ideas for achieving good conservation habits in my tiny garden

Richard (Founder) - Hi Cynthia- These days most gardens are tiny. But they give us a good opportunity to grow some vegetables and allow birds and other small animals a place to rest.