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Natural Foods that Help Fight Stress

Fortunately for stressed-out, health-conscious eaters, there are many natural foods that can actually fight stress and reset your mood. These are a few of our favorite stress-fighting foods to keep stocked in the kitchen for your next chaotic day.

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Juanita Hutchinson - I have a heavy flim that stays in my throat
I’m on no medications A 16 yrs breast cancer surviver
Do you have any recommendations to getting rid of this flim hardly am I ever sick
Thank you juanita

Richard (Founder) - Juanita- We are not allowed to give out medical advice since we are not doctors. Also, I am not really sure what it is you are describing. So I would not have any suggestions other than what I would personally do … which is to keep spraying my throat with the Olive Leaf Throat Spray and see what happens. It usually helps with a wide range of irritations.
Thank you
Seagate Customer Service

Worried about Olive Leaf Nasal Spray while taking rat poison?

When you are taking a blood-thinner such as Warfarin, which also happens to be rat poison, it would seem to be the least of your troubles if you were more concerned with concurrently taking Olive Leaf Nasal Spray, a natural homeopathic remedy. A customer named Coleen recently asked “Is the Olive Leaf nasal spray safe […]

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Cindy - i want off of warfin. I can not find information What to do that I could get healthy.

Richard (Founder) - Hi Cindy,
This blog article was not about offering a substitute natural remedy to Warfarin. If the doctors have you on it, there must be a good reason to stay on it.
We were really answering a customer’s concern about a possible drug interaction with the Olive Leaf Nasal Spray — which we have never seen.
At the end of our response we happened to mention that diet, exercise, eating a lot of fish and some good supplements may be an alternative approach to heart and circulatory conditions that may have caused the problem and therefore the need for Coumadin.

As an example, I swim regularly at a community pool and in the ocean when it is warm enough. I try and do about 1 mile and sometimes 2 miles 3-4 times/week. I am 63. I see other “seniors” doing laps at the same time and have gotten to know quite a few. The ones that are swimming typically are eating well — non-processed foods, no junk foods, very little alcohol, lots of fresh fruits and vegetables, less dairy (etc. etc.). No one that I know that does this type of exercise and keeps a healthy lifestyle has any heart problems.

So if your doctor wants you on Coumadin, you should listen to him. But you may also want to take a look at all the things in your lifestyle that can be improved. Since we make Olive Oil and Fish Oil, I take these daily and try and get a lot of fish and chicken in my diet. Basically, I would aim at the Mediterranean Diet.
Hope this helps.
Richard – Seagate Customer Servie