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Homeopathy, arguments for and against

Over 80% of the world’s population now uses natural and homeopathic remedies. In the U.S. less than half the population uses homeopathic medicine or alternative remedies. However, these numbers are quickly rising and are becoming a challenge and major competitor to pharmaceutical drugs. Pharmaceutical drug companies, thanks to the Prescription Drug User Fee Act (PDUFA) of […]

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Please send your comments to FDA to keep all your health care choices available

Your last chance to submit comments to the FDA over your experiences with homeopathic medicines closes on June 22.  Prior to writing new (more restrictive) regulations about homeopathics which already fall under FDA jurisdiction and regulation, the FDA is seeking the following information: Consumer attitudes about homeopathy Whether or not consumers have enough information to […]

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Debra David - Leave our choices alone! I don’t want to take medications from Big Pharma. I prefer homeopathy and that should be okay in the Land of the Free!

Erica Ricky Kennedy - I am so appreciative that you share this kind of information, that we might take the opportunity to voice our experience and effect our futures.

Arline Constance - Leave us free to choose natural products rather than medicines. I have terrible reactions to most meds, but don’t to natural supplements. They work very well on me. We have lost too many freedoms. Don’t take this away from us too.

Sherley Crutchfield - Leave our natural medicine alone. You are so greedy it makes me sick. We still live in the land of the free.

Rita - Too many chemicals in our food and too many side effects from our drugs..alternative will be my choice.

Maria Castillo - I have the right to choose what I want for myself! I’d much rather go with the natural home remedies…

s .jacobs - We can buy all types of food /drugs /cleaning supplies that are hazardous to our health , ..I can buy cigarettes and alcohol . .please don’t take away natural remedies that help us ..this is really beginning to get way out there on my rights to take care of myself the way I choose to

Deb - Leave our choices for homeopathic medicine alone. FDA and big pharma is only driven by greed.