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Delicious Recipes That Feature Lycopene-Rich Foods

As you can imagine, there are lots of delicious natural foods that contain this promising antioxidant. But if you find it difficult to consume the recommended daily dose of lycopene or simply wish to boost your current lycopene intake, try our Lycopene-15 capsules, which are produced by chemical-free methods to provide a consistent 3% (15mg) lycopene level using UV methodology.

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Does Nopal Cactus aid in sugar absorption?

A customer named Patricia asked us the following question about Nopal Cactus, that was worth sharing: Comments: How does your nopal cactus product differ from glucomanan fiber. Which one would you believe works better for sugar absorption? Seagate replied: Hello Patricia, We cannot comment on that other product since we know nothing about it. However, […]

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Jackie Bauman - I so enjoyed reading this article. I had never heard of this particular product. I am interested in getting it in the future.

I really like your olive leaf extract and olive oil, however I need to find more uses for the oil.

Best Regards,

Jackie Bauman

Richard (Founder) - Hi Jackie-
Just a few suggestions for you on the use of olive oil. First, try and substitute it for any animal fats you are using like butter. The really good olive oil tastes better than butter over bread.
For salads, try and discontinue the processed salad dressings and use olive oil or olive oil with vinegar. Since you are asked, maybe this would be a good topic for a future blog — the different uses for olive oil.
Think Mediterranean diet.
Best regards,