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Fish Fertilizer vs. chemical fertilizers in Stimulating Olive tree growth and production

We have been in a constant battle to defeat the efforts of several chemical companies who have been sending out their sales reps disguised as agricultural engineers to neighboring farms in northern Baja California and are giving out “recommended formulation” worksheets listing their pesticides and chemical fertilizers to the unsuspecting farmers. Sometimes the best strategy […]

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Sandra Rose - We have an olive tree. It needs help. It looks like something is on the branches such as mold. Any suggestions?

Richard (Founder) - Sandra- Usually if its mold, its on the leaves not the branches. Most of the time this happens from over-watering the trees.
I would try less frequent watering, with no spraying of the water, so that the water does not hit the leaves and I would also give the tree an occasional deeper watering with the hose aimed directly at the base of the tree. If you are using any chemical fertilizers or pesticide or fungicide sprays, I would discontinue them. They weaken the tree and make it less resistant.

Olive trees are pretty hardy and are used to the more arid climates.
Of course we are just guessing in your case since we have no idea what you are doing nor where you are located, local rainfall etc..
Good luck with it

Holistic, Naturopathic, and Alternative Medicine Doctors: What They Do and Key Differences

When many of us get sick, the first person we think of visiting is the good ole’ primary care physician. But despite technology advances and prominence in our society, traditional healthcare isn’t necessarily the best option for every type of sickness. There are many other forms of treatments and types of doctors out there that many of us are unfamiliar with. Holistic, naturopathic, and alternative medicine are just a few of the many terms that are used interchangeably and a bit fuzzy for those of us who have grown up in America’s healthcare system.

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