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Olives ripening … almost time to begin olive oil production

It is the end of September, the most picturesque time of the year to be wandering around the farmland used by Seagate.  After a very hot summer, the olives are finally beginning to ripen. The olives have now reached their full size, though most are still green. At this stage of growth and maturity, green olives can be picked for selling at fresh fruit stands or pickled and sold in jars. However, for oil production, the olives will remain on the trees for 2 more months of ripening

Green olives growing on olive tree in September

Seagate is waiting for the olives to further ripen and turn purple, when they contain the maximum amount of oil. In the photo below, one lonely olive on this branch has turned purple.

One olive has turned purple and is almost ripe

By the end November, possibly the middle of December, all of the olives will be ripened and have a dark purple color . Farming is all about being patient.
Another ripe olive. Still waiting for some more to ripen. ( Be patient.)
People are not the only ones that enjoy the shade of an olive tree. Sometimes a passing cow likes to chew off a few branches, scratch its back, and wait under the shade until the mid-day heat diminishes.

Cow under olive tree

Climate change has also affected this part of the world. Summer temperatures now extend through October. The temperatures 10 miles inland from the Pacific coast of Baja California are still over 100F degrees during the daytime in September and will continue hot into the month of October.

During the last two Winters, Seagate has been experimentally making small batches of olive oil and bottling the oil in glass bottles for friends, family, and local Italian restaurants in San Diego. This oil of course is real extra virgin. After extensive practice and testing, this oil has been described as at least as good as the best Italian extra virgin olive oils … which by the way do not get exported to the U.S.  Once all of these olives have ripened, olive oil production and bottling will begin.

Bottling of course requires glass bottles. During the last 6 months, Seagate has searched for a source of good glass bottles to make our specific design. Unfortunately most of the glass bottle “manufacturers” turned out to just be distributors reselling bottles produced by other companies overseas. We could not find a single glass bottle company in North America interested or capable of making our simple design. This is actually sort of scary to think that even a simple glass bottle can no longer be made in the U.S.

The picture below shows the artwork for the prototype 500 ml (half liter) bottle that Seagate has designed. It will be made of clear “white” glass. The 5-cavity mold is being created in order to produce a couple of samples for our approval. If the timing is right, the bottles will be delivered by the end of December.

The underwater photo for this week was taken of a healthy coral reef off the southern Carribean coast of Mexico. Hopefully this reef survives the negative forces of increasing ocean acidity and  increasing ocean water temperatures that have been plaguing many of the warm-water reefs around the world.

A healthy coral reef off of Eastern tropical Mexico

Underwater Sound button [audio:http://www.seagateworld.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/05/underwater.mp3|titles=underwater|loop=yes]

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Diane Costello - Thank you for the wonderful underwater pics. You are making me want to travel to your area. It is just so very beautiful. I am assuming I will be able to find the weekly specials on the main page. Is that correct? I have begun using the olive leaf extract.

I am thrilled to have been introduced to the Lens family and all that you are doing through Doug Kaufmann show. God bless 🙂 xoxoxo


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