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Wound repair after basil cell surgery

Today’s blog entry is not about curing cancer because Seagate’s products do not cure cancer.  However, there are two products that are doing an excellent job of helping open wounds to heal quickly.

The photo below was taken of a site on the forearm where a basal cell carcinoma had been surgically removed.   The shape and diameter of the cut are exactly the size of a dime. The depth of the cut is approximately one-quarter of an inch.  This picture was taken 10 days after the cancerous skin was removed.  The problem was that the skin was not healing despite using the doctor’s recommended triple-antibiotic ointment along with an artificial scab-forming powder. The wound remained opened with little sign of healing.

Open wound following basal cell surgery

Basal cells are the most common form of cancer. They form on the upper layers of skin that are most exposed to sunlight. This spot appeared on the top of the left forearm.  Radiation damage is caused by the ultra violet rays of the sun which have an accumulative effect over a person’s lifetime.  The sunburns and sun exposure that you have had since infancy can cause basal cell cancers to occur much later in life. It is also curious to note that the cancers tend to appear on the left arm more frequently than the right arm, because the left arm has more exposure to sunlight from driving a car.

By day 11, the antibiotic ointment and the scab-powder were discontinued.  In their place, Cut & Wound Remedy was applied several times a day immediately after washing the spot gently with soap and water.  After the Cut & Wound Remedy dried, a couple of drops of OliveViate were applied and gently spread over the wound. Within one day, a new scab began to form over the entire wound.  The Cut & Wound Remedy was discontinued once the scab sealed. However, the OliveViate continued to be applied to the scab 3 to 4 times a day, keeping it moistened and protected.  This prevented the scab from prematurely cracking and separating. The photo below shows day 17 (6 days after switching to OliveViate), after the scab fell off and the wound appeared to be completely healed though still somewhat pink in color.

Wound healing 7 days after applying OliveViate

Through the magic of Nature and the natural healing process, the skin did not leave any indentation.  The pink color has continued to dissipate.

The fish picture of the week is of a juvenile Goliath Grouper resting on the sandy bottom. This fish was three and a half feet long and weighed approx. 40 lbs. The adults of this species can grow to almost 400 lbs.  They are usually not an aggressive species. However, in areas where divers have been feeding these fish, they can become hostile and bite fingers.

Juvenile Goliath Grouper

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Richard (Founder) - Thank you for letting us know!

Elizabeth - Passing this along to my father in law! He recently had some basal cell carcinoma removed and is having so much trouble with it healing! Thank you for posting this!

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