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Jose, Plant manager and competitive surfer

Seagate’s world also includes the people that work very hard to produce the finest products for this company.  Today’s blog is dedicated Jose P., who has been working for Seagate for 20 years, and continues to be a competitive surfer in his free time.

Jose is in charge of the production at the Ensenada factory and the farming operations.  Jose is in charge of all production machinery and the processing of each raw material that passes through the plant.  The machinery in the factory has become more complex during the last 20 years as the factory expanded, with large cold storages and refrigeration installations, vacuum pumps and freeze-drying tanks, presses for making olive oil and processing grapes, and automatic powder-grinding production lines. Jose can dismantle and repair every machine.

However, today’s blog is about Jose as a body-boarder.  Body boarding is a type of surfing that uses a much smaller board and much more aggressive moves on a wave.  Jose’s free time is dedicated to his wife and daughter and to the sport of body-boarding. In 1992, he won first place in the Mexican National Championship for this sport, and represented Mexico in the world finals in France. He has continued competing in this sport and has a room in his house filled with over 100 trophies, which he continues to accumulate by winning most of the tournaments he has competes in each year.

The following photos show Jose surfing near the entrance to Ensenada’s bay during the late afternoon. As it gets towards sunset, the camera is able to pick up the sunlight coming through the wave at a low angle. Jose has been surfing for 30 years. The surfing photos were taken by his brother Carlos P., who also works in the company.


Jose body boarding in Ensenada’s Bay



End of surfing day in Ensenada

The fish photo of the day is of grunts swimming above brain coral.

Grunts swimming near brain coral

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