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Fire at Supplier’s Glass Bottle Factory in China delays Olive Oil project

Fire at Glass Bottle supplier in China

This is the front view of the Chinese company producing the glass bottles for Seagate’s Olive Oil the day after their fire burned most of their production area one week ago.

Unfortunately this occurred on March 6th, the day that the glass bottle production for Seagate was scheduled to begin. The fire destroyed their production room and left a mess of silica on the floor.

Silica is the primary ingredient in glass manufacture. Unfortunately Seagate had to go overseas to China to find a reputable manufacturer capable of making the custom-design for the new half-liter Extra Virgin Olive Oil bottle.  There were no U.S. manufacturers interested or able to produce a bottle to our specifications.

The glass factory is located in the City of Xuzhou, China. In the top left corner of the first photo, notice the blue sky above the building. Contrast this with  the picture below taken earlier this year on a highway in Xuzhou during one of their smoggy days, when visibility decreased to less than 25 feet.  This extremely dirty unhealthy air is unfortunately a regular occurrence in the industrialized eastern half of China.

Smog in Xuzhou City

Seagate’s Olive Oil production commenced in January at Seagate’s factory and has just been completed.  The glass bottle supplier obviously will cause a slight delay to the bottling of the finished product.

The fish picture of the week is actually of a sea anemone at a 50 ft depth on a tropical reef near Venezuela.

Sea Anenome formation


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