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The Positive Side of Bacteria

Bacteria are bad for the human body, right? Well, not exactly. Forget about your mother’s lectures for a moment and consider what a vital component bacterium is in your body. Just as the natural environments around our world are interconnected, your body is a complex ecosystem (a social network, if you will) with trillions of bacteria and microorganisms that inhabit every body part imaginable. The bacteria in your body help with the most vital physiological processes, including growth, digestion, and reaction time.

Although the thought of trillions of bacteria living in your body may gross you out, your body silently lives in perfect harmony with these organisms. For example, the E.Coli in your stomach synthesizes Vitamin K, which is important for blood clotting. The bacteria naturally found in your digestive system feeds on leftover food and produces biotin and amino acids that help complete the digestion process. Bacteria found in and on your body can actually help protect you from harmful bacteria as well.

Believe it or not, the National Institutes of Health recently research and mapped out what the ideal balance of bacteria is in the human body. Researchers were surprised to discover that humans don’t have all the enzymes people need to digest their own diets. Although there will always be a population of bacteria working to digest fats, it may not always be the same bacterial species carrying out this job.

Poor diet and hygiene habits lead to the negative side of bacteria: infection. To avoid urinary tract infections, you must drink enough water and avoid holding urine in your bladder for extended periods of time. To avoid the common cold, wash your hands and cover your mouth when you cough. Fortunately, you can take precautions to keep good bacteria and bad bacteria in check. If your skin becomes infected by a minor rash, or flaky or itchy skin, try using an anti-fungal topical treatment like OliveViate a couple times a day until the symptoms subside. Olive Vaginal Spray is an effective natural alternative to harsh vaginal medications to relieve itching, swelling, and abnormal discharge.

Seagate is always being asked whether products such as Olive Leaf Extract can affect or kill off any of the important beneficial bacteria. The answer is that products that have been part of our food chain for thousands of years, such as olive oil and olive leaves, do not harm the good bacteria.

Your mother may have been right about a lot of things, but perhaps she was a bit misguided about bacteria. Not only do bacteria rely upon your body to survive, but your body also relies upon it to function every day. Take a page out of nature’s playbook and keep your bacteria blissfully balanced with healthy, organic supplements.

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Pat - There is indeed a positive side to bacteria.There are good bacteria and bad, harmful bacteria.When we try to rid our bodies of the bad bacteria we often times use medications and products that unfortunately take with it the good bacteria.There needs to be a synergy..a balance between the bacterias to allow the body to keep inflammation at a minimum so that diseases do not occur that wreak havoc on our health.I use Olive leaf Extract and probiotics to get the balance I need.I forego flu shots and take minimal antibiotics to help maintain and prevent.If we understand the roles of bacteria..and have knowledge of supplementation we do not have to introduce medications into our blood streams ..we can keep that balance and let the good bacteria take care of the bad bacteria.

Sally Bartle - How can you get someone to listen and understand when you try to explain to them that most of their health issues are caused from and unbalanced gut? I even offered to loan a friend my books from Doug Kaufmann and she said no thanks. She recently had her appendix removed and shortly after ended up with pneumonia. She also has lupus. Obviously, what she has been doing, listening to her doctors and taking many different drugs, is not working. I try not to come on too strong, as my son tells me I do, but it is so difficult to see people suffering when they can get well if they make some changes in their diet and use supplements instead of drugs.

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