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Dear Seagate – How Much Nopal…is in Nopal?

Every week we will be posting anonymous questions from our customers. Everything from correct dosage, to our farming methods, and much more. Following up with last week’s Dear Seagate about Nopal cactus, we had another interesting question come in that should be shared with all…


Dear Seagate

I bought  a cactus leaf (ear?) at the store today and I was wondering how much a person is supposed to eat.  I will also take the Seagate nopal capsules and I am going to see how/if it affects my blood sugar.

Bob S.


Dear Bob,

When we process the nopal leaves we get just 3-5% yield dried and in powder from the original weight. This is the worst % of all the products that we produce since the Nopal is almost all water. It turns out that you really need to take it in the dried powder form rather than as raw cactus in order to get the maximum benefit of the absorption of the sugars and other water-soluble liquids in the stomach. If you are eating the raw cactus leaves, the absorption won’t be quite as good. However, the colon-cleansing application should still be okay. You may still enjoy a good bowel-movement.



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rob - wow, 3-5% yield. that’s a lot of nopal leaves for making powder! agreed that the powder would have more impact since it does not have water as a filler like the actual nopal leave does.

sarahluvzveggies - i love nopales, i make them all the time with my breakfast. i didn’t know they can have such a positive impact on health. i’ll let my parents know because they’ve had probs with their blood pressure.

Sammy Largo - It’s probably best to try both options separately so you can determine what works and rule out what doesn’t. Then you won’t have to keep buying both. I’m assuming Seagate’s product is going to be more effective, would like to hear the results!

todd the toad - Nopal? I’ve never even heard of it! I found the item listed in the product section though and I have seen nopal leaves at the store but have never prepared it before. Not sure what the taste is like? Googling…

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