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Traceability = Trust

At Seagate, we harvest and process all of our own raw materials, so our products only pass from our hands to yours.

If you can trace your products, you can usually trust them. Although this is a good general rule to live by, it’s especially important when shopping for health products for your body. You’ve only got one body in this life, so you’d better start paying attention to what you put in it. But when it comes to mass-produced pharmaceuticals and imported crops, tracing your products is often easier said than done.

During simpler times of years gone by, people knew that their corn was grown on John’s farm on the outskirts of town and that their carrots were grown in Mary’s garden down the road. A hundred years ago, people didn’t have to fret about what pesticides were sprayed on their soybeans or what hormones were added to their milk. Even though farmer’s markets are making a major comeback in small towns and large cities around the country, it can still be difficult to find information about your dinner’s former life.

The whole point of manufacturing is turning raw materials into sellable goods for profit.  Small farm businesses are helping to cut the middle man and take control of their products by nurturing them from the ground to the bottle. When healthy products are passed from one processing plant to another, they become less pure and nutritious with each exchange of hands. Unlike many large nutrition companies who plaster their names on bottles without always knowing the origin and makeup of the raw materials inside them, small farm-based businesses are better equipped to control the products they produce.

Mass-production farms depend on cheap labor and monocultures of single crops to meet consumer demands. These farmers tend to plant monocultures because they’re cheaper and easier to maintain with heavy machinery. On the other hand, small operation farmers can better incorporate rotation and intercropping, or planting rows of complimentary crops between empty spaces, into their fields to replenish the soil’s fertility. When compared acre to acre, small farms consistently produce higher-quality raw materials than their big business competitors.

If you can’t manage to actually visit the areas where your food and medical products are grown, try to at least trace them from the source before putting them in your body.

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Linda Ray - I buy the olive leaf extract and the throat and nose spray. We dont go thru a winter without it and it sure is nice to see free S/H too! Thankyou for having such a great source for consumers to get their supplements!!

patriciaswier@cox.net - I am a big fan of growing my own or going to farms where we can pick!

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