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Trading Diet Pills for Nopal Cactus

As you’ve probably realized by now, there’s no such thing as a magic diet pill that will instantly give you a beach model’s body. You can try every infomercial diet and read weight loss books until you go cross-eyed, but it always comes down to eating sensibly and exercising enough. Now before you get discouraged and stop reading, take a moment to learn about some all-natural digestive supplements that could help you maintain a healthy weight.

Before you get too excited, nopal cactus isn’t a mysterious or magical plant that whisks your fat off to never-never land.  When consumed, nopal cactus simply and naturally acts like a sponge inside your body. It absorbs and expands with waters and sugars it encounters in the stomach upon contact, which reduces sugar spiking after you cheat on your diet with that slice of cake or can of soda. Nopal cactus is high in insoluble fiber, meaning that it helps absorb intestinal wastes and pushes them through the colon. When properly cared for, the human body is a well-oiled machine.  Help your machine run more smoothly by cleaning the parts your food has to pass through every day.

Mexican and Central American cultures have been using the nopal cactus for nutritional and medicinal purposes for thousands of years. In fact, the fruit was once considered to be a noble food that was reserved only for victorious warriors and elite tribal members. We gather our leaves from chemical-free cactus farms in northern Baja California. Nopal cactus has also been known to promote bowel regularity, manage ulcers, and relieve hangover symptoms after you’ve had a few too many cocktails.

When it comes to weight loss, nopal cactus makes some people feel fuller faster, which prevents them from unnecessarily overeating.  However, the average dieter doesn’t have a reliable supply of the fruit growing in her backyard. Fortunately, nopal cactus preserves well in the form of capsules and powders, making the digestive supplement accessible and affordable. If you’re tired of popping pills, then pop open a nopal cactus capsule and pour the contents into your sweet drinks and smoothies to control the high-sugar release. You can add the powder to yogurt, baked goods, tea, and even as a flour substitute to help control your sugar levels and restore a natural balance in your body’s organs.

When you cut through all the hype and sales pitches, weight loss should simply fit into an overall health and wellness plan that focuses on the natural ingredients flowing through the body. Nopal cactus has been called a “super food” because of its antioxidant properties and cholesterol-lowering capabilities. Even though raw nopal cactus prepared with scrambled eggs or pico de gallo can be flavorfully delicious, you can reap the same benefits with supplements if you happen to live north of the border.

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Maria C Rodriguez - Very useful info thanks

pat - As a retired health care professional and a certified Personal trainer..I know and believe that there is no magic pill or answer to weight loss but I do believe that with a good healthy diet and supplementation of fiber..psyillium and products like Nopal..one can lose weight by feeling full faster and it is good for the health of the colon.I have taken the Nopal capsules and have found them to be beneficial.Fiber is great for heart health as well..a product worth trying!!

Sally Bartle - I do get tired of popping pills. Think I’ll mix it in my full fat organic yogurt and smoothies. Thanks for the tip!

tiffany elkins - I want to thank you for all of your hard work. We need to enrich our bodies with healthy things like the cactus rather then man made junk that only causes our bodies harm.I saw you and your daughter on know the cause, I am new to your site and am loving it. Just placed my first order today 🙂

Jolinda Menne - Enjoy listening to you on “Know the Cause” and getting ready to order some of your products now. Thank you for your knowledge and work for our good health. Have a blessed day!

Blessings, Jolinda Menne

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