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Dear Seagate – What can I do about a fungal toenail infection?

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Dear Seagate

I was referred to your website for its promotion of Olive leaf. I was researching ways to lower my blood pressure, and someone who is a fan of yours said you had a product for a toenail fungal infection(which I have on one of my big toes.) Which product would I apply to the toenail? Also which product best addresses the HBP?

Thank you kindly,

Dear Mark,

For the toenail, you can apply the OliveViate around the nail. It won’t penetrate the actual nail so press it around the edges of the nail as good as you can. What seems to help is to also take the Olive Leaf Extract capsules at the same time. In most cases, most customers will eventually see new pink skin growing out of the cuticle after a couple of weeks and the bad skin beneath the nail growing out.

High Blood Pressure is a whole different game. If its really very high, you need to see a doctor and get it regulated down. However if its high but not dangerously high,  we attack the problem as a major change in lifestyle — go on Doug Kaufmann’s Phase One Diet and read his books about the fungal link to a lot of these sorts of problems; get rid of all the carbs, sugars, alcohol, tobacco and all the other obvious bad things. Eat a lot of organic vegetables, chicken, fish, etc. We have items that will support this diet such as — Omega 3 shark liver oil, Marine Protein, and most important Olive Leaf Extract for starters. If you cannot get enough good veggies, we have freeze-dried carrot, broccoli and tomato that will supplement the diet. Get on a regular daily exercise program, working your way up to at least one half hour a day.

There is no  magical pill that will counteract years of bad diet, habits and lack of exercise. But these are the textbook things you can do that will make the blood pressure eventually go down.
Hope some of this helps you.



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rob - i’m right there with you mark ! one thing that keeps me active is gardening. i like it because not only am i beautifying my property but also because it gets doing something physical outside!

Trayvon - Would this be ideal for athlete’s foot? I run practically every day and there are times where my feet take a toll! I am interested in healthier options tho.

sarahluvsveggies - i luv learning that olive extract has healing properties. it seems like such a simple ingredient right under our noses could have many uses?

Kat Braza - Those are great prices listed for the OliveViate and Olive Leaf Extract. Plus a buy 1 get 1 free deal? Sweet! These are great to have when it’s needed!

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