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Dear Seagate – Nasal Polyps

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Dear Seagate

My Ear Nose and Throat doctor tells me that I have nasal polyps and will probably need another sinus surgery. He has me on Flunisolide spray. I saw your commercial on Know the Cause and thought your olive leaf spray might be better, so I ordered some. When I began using it, my sinuses got more stopped up so I quit using it. I would appreciate learning what your thoughts are about my experience with your product.




Dear Steve,

Unfortunately I have had a lot of experience with nasal polyps. Approx. 15 years ago I had the operation to remove the polyps and at the same time straighten my deviated septum.  At the time, my nasal passages were completely shut down due to the polyps.

The operation worked, for a while. However within 6-8 months, some of the polyps began to grow back. I went back to the ENT doctor and he explained that the polyps will grow back again and again after they have been burned off. This is actually the body’s inflammation mechanism to shut off the air flow when it senses an infection or allergy attack going on. The polyps block additional pollen or germs from entering the body.

Sometimes this is a good thing. But most of the time it is very annoying since the air flow is completely shut off which can cause all the drainage to stop and therefore encourage an infection to grow in the sinuses.

So what I have learned to do in the 15 years since that operation is to try and attack the problem in the nasal passages before my body responds by causing the polyps to grow.  I usually hit it hard at the very beginning of a cold or allergy with the Olive Leaf Nasal Spray to either wash away the germs or the allergens that are trying to establish. If I can take care of it quickly, I can avoid the polyps.

With regard to the Olive Leaf and your polyps, once the polyps form, the olive leaf nasal spray is not a medicine that will shrink them. However, it will help get rid of the things that are causing the polyps to grow. In addition, the Olive Leaf Nasal Spray can cause some additional irritation to the sinus membranes because it is a homeopathic medicine and operates under the principle of “like curing like”

If you are at the point that the sinus cavity is completely shut down, then a nasal spray may not penetrate. You may need the operation if after a week or two nothing has gotten better.  However, most of the time if the polyps are not too bad, they will shrink on their own once the source of the irritation disappears.

I hope that this helps to explain the use of the nasal spray a little better to  you with regards to polyps.



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Janiece - when olive leaf extract is more than 2 years old, I know it is probably weak and won’t work in home remedies for personal use. However, is there a use for the old olive leaf extract in sprays for insecticides, etc. in your garden?

Richard (Founder) - 2 years is not a long time for Olive Leaf Nasal Spray. We put an EXP date on the bottle of 4 years just to cause our wholesale accounts to rotate their stock.

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