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Cold weather transport does not harm Seagate’s products


A customer named Ann living in Michigan recently wrote this email to Seagate concerned about her order from our company that had just arrived to her home in the middle of this very cold winter–

Comments: Hi, I just received my order and I live in Michigan where its extremely cold. My olive oil I ordered from you is solid. If it is frozen, will it be okay? Are my olive cleaners and other supplements okay also? Does the olive oil lose its benefits? I tried to call, but your office was closed. Thank you, Ann

This is a question that we very frequently receive both during the coldest winter months in the northern parts of our country. This year with the addition of the bottles of 100% Extra Virgin Olive Oil, the immediate effects of the cold are most visible. Below is Seagate’s response to Ann’s question-

Hi Ann,

The Olive Oil is actually solid fat within the olives when they are picked. We slightly elevate the temperature in the factory in the winter time to 70F to get the fat to convert to oil and flow … also to keep our employees comfortable.  However, fats do tend to solidify and melt within a narrow temperature band. This is normal and does not affect the product quality. Don’t heat the olive oil bottle or you may crack the glass. Just allow it to slowly thaw in your home on your kitchen counter top.

The cold does not harm any of the other products. You might find that the products containing capsules might stick together for a little while after thawing. However, you should keep those bottles sealed when they arrive at your home until they return to room temperature. If the capsule bottles are frozen when you take the caps off, then the moisture in the air in your home may condense inside the bottle. Thank you!   Seagate Customer Service

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