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Seaweed Part V – Final Report on Grover’s Skin Rash – by Richard lentz

I have been overwhelmed by emails from people around the world that have been following my progress dealing with Grover’s Disease.  To recap- Grover’s is a rash or skin disease which is really not even properly classified because there have been so few studies performed, since it is not life-threatening . Some doctors call it a rash, others refer to it as a disease. Either way, it is a very very annoying itchy skin problem that affects a small percentage of white, middle-aged men. It appears as red bumps that look like measles (for those of us old enough to remember that disease) primarily in the center area of the upper chest.

Grover’s began to develop on my skin approximately 2 years ago, during October, 2011. After trying various skin doctors, Chinese herbal medicine doctors, OTC anti-itch remedies, and taking a variety of supplements for almost 9 months …. I was still suffering. I would wake up 4-6 times every night doing the only thing that seemed to work, at least temporarily — taking very hot showers.

During the Summer of 2012, I noticed that the skin seemed to feel better immediately after swimming in the ocean. The effect was temporary, but soothing.  So I even tried experimenting with sea salts and adding them to bath water and also directly onto the skin itself, believing that it was the salt in the seawater that was doing the work. The direct application of salt to the skin did not work — ever try putting salt onto open sores? It was very painful and even more irritating.  Adding the salt to bathwater also did not seem to help. Perhaps, I just could not get the exact concentration.

However, this eventually led me to try one of our own Seagate products – Seaweed Powder – and sprinkle it directly onto the affected skin during my hot  showers. I would moisten the skin with hot water, sprinkle a little powder to make a paste and rub it around over the skin.  At the beginning, I would do this during each shower, or approx. 6-8+ times a day. During the next 12 months, the daily applications were slowly reduced eventually to just once a day this past summer before going to sleep.  As of September last year (2013), my use of the seaweed powder has been discontinued because the Grover’s Rash has disappeared.  Exactly why this happened and what is in the seaweed to help with the rash, no one knows.



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Toni - I am a 42 year old woman with Grover’s Disease. The first time I noticed it was when I was pregnant with my son about 9 years ago. It would get better and worse over the years but never go away. I had no idea what my rash was. I saw many physicians and dermatologists over the years but they had no clue what I had. Finally, I found a dermatologist who decided to do a biopsy and had the answer to the mystery a week later. Grover’s Disease. She treated it with a topical steroid to no benefit. We discussed accutane and tetracycline as treatment options. I chose not to try the accutane because of the horrible, extensive list of negative side effects. My mother-in-law told me she saw you on a program talking about seaweed as a treatment. I purchased some seaweed supplements. The main vitamin in the supplement is magnesium stearate. Then I was listening to a program by John Tesh talking about the importance of magnesium in our diet. He said that a magnesium deficiency can lead to inflammation on a cellular level. Grover’s Disease is an autoimmune disorder where inflammation in the sweat gland leads to rupture causing the rash. Could this be the key? Is it a coincidence that seaweed is high in magnesium? While researching magnesium on the Institute of Health website, I learned that alcohol can reduce the body’s absorption of magnesium. I am not an alcoholic but do enjoy wine with my dinner several times per week. Could this be a factor? After learning this information, I have been taking magnesium oxide supplements, eating foods high in magnesium, using a topical magnesium gel and have reduced my alcohol consumption to once a week. I have noticed major improvement in my rash within 4 weeks. I have not yet tried your seaweed powder, but I have every intention of doing so. Thank you for sharing your experience and I hope it helps many other people with this rare condition.

Richard (Founder) - Seagate Replies
Hi Toni,
Thank you for the message. I am sorry to hear about how you are suffering … basically going through exactly what I went through — not getting a proper diagnosis with the various doctors and then finally finding out it was Grover’s and trying out their recommended prescriptions … which didn’t help me at all.
This is very unusual to affect a woman. But apparently it happens. Sorry you are going through this. But I am happy you are improving.

If your magnesium seems to be working, then that is great news and keep doing whatever it is that is helping you. I don’t imagine that there is just one solution to Grover’s. Perhaps you found another one that works. However, for about 2 months I thought the Chinese herbs I was using were helping. The itching and rash seemed to be getting better. But it turned out not to be the case. I just apparently had a few good weeks of a little relief, maybe some remission, and then the whole rash came back again just as strong.

All that I know is that the seaweed is the only thing that worked for me. I had a year and a half suffering with it not knowing what was going on. Then months more experimenting with the pharmaceuticals the doctors prescribed. Some of the same junk they recommended to you.
Hot showers and the application of the seaweed powder was the only thing that helped me. Now I am just about 99% free of all itching. There is still a little redness in the rash area. The rash area is much less defined than before. But it doesn’t bother me at all anymore. It has now been 3 years since the Grover’s started up with me.

Feel free to contact us any time you have a question.

David - I have had this nightmare for 8 years..biopsy Confirmed Grovers…have used steroids to treat it and now have thin skin like a 90 year old..Although I’m 66. Have drastically cut back exercise as this fires it up.

What’s your experience in chronic cases like mine with severe thinning, tearing and bruising?


Richard (Founder) - Hi David,
Sorry to hear you are suffering with Grovers. I had it for almost 2 years and it was horrible. I don’t have it anymore. I can’t imagine dealing with it for 8 years. The steroids as you have discovered, do not help and ultimately leave your skin thinner and more damaged … not to mention that taking steroids is bad for you long term. Anyway, you happened to write to the correct person because I had it, suffered with it, and ultimately was able to get rid of it.

This blog will actually give you a very good review of my experience and what I did to alleviate the problem. So take a look at these segments as background:
1) Seaweed Part II – Grover’s Skin Rash
2) http://www.seagateworld.com/2013/09/seaweed-part-3-grovers-skin-rash-itching-by-richard-lentz/

In summary-
I tried all the prescription (steroids) anti-itch remedies and ALL the over-the-counter remedies. I also tried Chinese herbs from a Chinese herbal doctor. Nothing worked.
So I went back to the basics that I had learned for itch control from bug bites from many years diving in the tropics-
For immediate temporary relief to be able to sleep at night – I took the hottest showers I could tolerate right before going to sleep, directing the hot water directly on the area with Grovers rash. That controlled the itching enough to get 5-6 hours straight of sleep.

I also found out that when I was swimming which I do at least 5X per week in either a chlorine pool or the (salty) ocean, that the itching seemed to go away for a few hours. At first, you would think that the chlorine or saltwater would further irritate the open sores. But in actual practice, I got used to the initial irritation which transformed into feeling very soothing. These swims, gave me hours of relief after getting out of the water.
Seeing that salty and chlorinated water seemed to work, I bought some Sea Salt from the Dead Sea and applied it in a hot water bath. For some reason I couldn’t get the right salt concentration and ended up irritating it more. Sometimes making it very very painful.

Finally my dermatologist, who was aware that we processed seaweed, suggested that I add some water to the powder and put this goopy mixture directly onto the sores. I did this at the end of each shower leaving it on for just a few minutes and then washing it off with very hot water. Usually there would be a little stinging for a few seconds when I applied it. But it was a good sort of stinging.
After a few months of doing this the itching went away completely. During the course of a year, the red rash slowly disappeared. Now it is entirely gone and my doctor declared that the Grovers had disappeared.
So that is the story. I hope that it helps you.

evie - I have had grovers for over three years. Diagnosed through biopsy. I have tried all sorts of things and nothing helps except hot shower.

My consultant told me it mainly affects women over 70.

Have tried to buy seaweed powder in uk health food shops. Nobody stocks it.

It drives me crazy.

Richard (Founder) - Hello Evie
Actually Grover’s is most common in men over 50. It is much less common in women and younger adults. However, diagnosis through biopsy means you certainly have it.
We do not have a distributor in the UK. However we do ship there from our warehouse in San Diego, CA. You can order it off our website. If you have difficulty ordering, just contact us.
Thank you

Lynn James - Hi Richard,
in New Zealand who contracted Grovers Disease 2 years ago. This happensed through drug interaction as I was on Chemo drugs at the time and then was prescribed forms of antibiotic for a chest infection. The two didn’t mix and I broke out in this horrific rash. I came off the drugs I was on immediately but after a few weeks the rash did not go away. In fact it worsened , the itch was unbelievable, but of course you know about that. Iwas treated for all sorst so of things, from scabies to psoriasis. Nothing worked. Finally I was sent to a dermatologist who did a skin scraping and biopsy —- Grovers was the diagnosis. An auto immune disease, incurable I was told. SO I began the journey you also travelled, withsteroid creams, acetretin drugs, tetracycline etc and every OTC cream I could fine. Still no or little lasting relief.
Recently my husband and I took a trip to Bali. We swam in the sea every day sometimes 3 times a day. After a few days I noticed like you that my skin felt soothed and the rash began to disappear. After 10 days we moved on to Malaysia and I was no longer able to swim in the sea because of the pollution.
However this got me thinking about the association of seawater and Grovers so I began to research this. That is when I cam across your story through Seagates website.
I have read with incredible interest your story of applying seaweed powder to wet skin. I ordered this as soon as I could and once back home began the treatment you suggested. I am only 4 days into it so far and am hoping and praying for a miracle like yours.One comment I would make is that I am actually mixing the seaweed powder into a smooth paste in a pottle first, showering, drying the body and then smearing it all over the affected areas. Then I let the paste dry a bit, put on old underwear and clothing and actually let it dry onto my skin for a couple of hours before showering it off. I’ll keep you posted!

Best regards

Lynn James

Richard (Founder) - Hi Lynn,
Sorry, we did not see your comment until now.
I did not need to leave the seaweed on more than a few minutes in the shower. Then I would rinse it off. I made the paste just from the water already on my skin from the shower.
It stung a bit at first. But that felt good compared to the itching. I kept this up every time i showered. It has been at least 3 or 4 years since the itching stopped. Sometimes I can see some redness on my chest. But no more itching. So I am happy. Good luck with your skin. Let us know how it is going.

Prairie Moser - The only thing that helps me with Grovers Rash is colloidal silver. I used to buy it from Guardian Silver Sol but they are gone so now I buy from Thank you Silver. It makes it go away and kills the itch.

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