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Natural Ways to Boost Your Pet’s Immune System

Chances are, your immune system isn’t the only one working overtime around the house. Cats and dogs suffer from weakened immune systems and risk of sickness around this time of year as well. Fortunately, there are a number of all-natural remedies and preventative steps that you can take to make sure your furry friend is feeling his best this   season.

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Pets’ immune systems can become weak due to lack of exercise, being around another sick animal, taking too many medications and antibiotics, eating contaminated material, and pest infestations. Here are a few all-natural ways that you can keep your cats and dogs feeling their very best throughout the year.

Pet Nutrition and Hydration

Your pet’s immune system will function more efficiently if toxins are regularly flushed out of the body. Like humans, pets have proper nutrition and plenty of water to maintain overall wellness. To keep the immune system working well, your pet’s diet should incorporate adequate amounts of vitamin A, vitamin C, vitamin E, vitamin B6, zinc, selenium, lutein, and linoleic acid. Raw foods like carrots, parsley, yogurt, potatoes, turkey, lamb, celery, coconut, artichoke, and apples are great for dogs’ immune systems.

Frequent Pet Exercise

Frequent exercise and massage are the easiest and most fun ways to boost your pet’s immune system. Pet massage has shown to increase lymphocyte functioning, improve emotional health, and aid immune system recovery. Exercise cleanses the body of toxins and helps promote immunity throughout the body.


Studies have shown that the natural algae, spirulina, may boost immune system and respiratory functioning for both humans and animals. Spirulina has a healthy dose of protein, gamma linolenic acid, anti-inflammatory properties, chlorophyll to remove toxins, iron, and other vitamins.


This herb has been used as a natural antibiotic, digestant, and antiseptic. Veterinarians use it to stimulate the lymph system and help eliminate toxins from the body. You can add echinacea to tea or water, then squeeze directly into your pet’s mouth with an eyedropper or mix into drinking water. You can also open echinacea capsules and sprinkle the powder on your pet’s food.

Joint Health Supplements

Overall pet wellness goes far beyond just diet and exercise. Make sure that your pet’s bones and joints are working properly by monitoring his activity levels and pain triggers during exercise. To promote joint health, especially in older pets, try our Pet Joint Care 650 mg capsules to provide relief for joint afflictions and mobility issues.

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Antibiotics, which are intended to treat bacterial infections, are not effective against your pet’s viral infections. But unfortunately, antibiotics for pets are used too frequently and improperly. The more often that you give your pet antibiotics, the quicker you weaken his immune system. To avoid the recurrent cycle of infection, stick to natural remedies as much as possible and consult your veterinarian with any persistent concerns.

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