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Prevent Pet Joint Pain: Exercise With Your Dog!

As the onset of winter quickly approaches, your body’s need for exercise doesn’t diminish. And that goes for your dog too! The cold winter months can cause stiff and painful joints for both you and your pet. There are plenty of remedies on the market for joint pain, but it’s even better to prevent them from starting in the first place.

PetMD recommends taking your dog out for exercise a little every day, or at least four times a week, to avoid winter joint pain. These are just a few of the fun ways to exercise with your dog to prevent future pain and bond together.

Dog-Friendly Parks

Grab yourself a hat and gloves and pull that doggie sweater on your pooch! If the temperature is still mild, bundle up and head to the local dog park to run around in the fresh air. Both dogs and humans benefit from social encounters, so dog parks can be beneficial for the body, mind, and mood.

Indoor Exercise Centers

As pet owners have become more health-conscious in recent years, there have been an increasing number of indoor pet exercise centers opening around the country. Do a quick Google search for “dog gyms” and “dog activity centers” in your area to see if this is a convenient option. Some dog gyms even have swimming pools, which are great for arthritic dogs.

Take the Stairs 

Bypass the elevator for the sake of your health and your dog’s! When going out for regular walks, take your dog up and down the stairs to squeeze in some extra exercise on the way.

Go For a Run

If your dog is healthy enough to run, this is a great way to strengthen muscles, increase stamina, and enjoy the great outdoors. Obviously, some dogs are better running companions than others, so start off slowly and with short distances.

Simple Fetch 

If you’re pressed for time, simple games of fetch can help your dog get the exercise he needs each day. Try turning fetch into a modified indoor sport in your garage or hallway on rainy or snowy days.

Obstacle Courses

You don’t need to send your dog away to an expensive training facility to keep his body agile and his mind sharp. Use common household items like hula hoops and blocks to set up an obstacle course for your dog in the backyard or local park.

Take Turns on a Treadmill

During winter months when going outside is less than pleasant, treadmills offer a healthy dose of indoor exercise for both you and your dog. Before putting your dog on a treadmill, let him get comfortable with the sights and sounds of it. You go first, and show your dog how fun a treadmill can be! Then turn the treadmill on a low speed and stand in front of it to reward him with treats and verbal encouragement for walking or running. Gradually increase the speed and length of treadmill time to make your dog’s workouts more challenging.

Try using a Joint Supplement

Seagate Pet Joint Care is a natural product that can help dogs, cats, and even horses with many joint-related issues.



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