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MFG date vs. EXP date


A customer named Terri C. recently wrote this email to Seagate concerned about her purchase of Olive Leaf Extract that had a date stamped 9/13 on the bottle.

Comments: Hi: I have olive leaf extract pills with an date of 9/13 on the bottom is it still safe to use?

This is a question that we very frequently receive from customers since we switched over to using the MFG date instead of EXP dates on our supplement bottles.

Hello Terri,
The 9/13 date stamp on the bottle that you see on the bottle has the letters MFG placed in front of that date, which stands for manufacturing date. We switched to using MFG (manufacturing date) instead of EXP (expiration date) on our supplement bottles at the request of our local California FDA inspectors since we could not determine that this product would ever expire. So that product stamped 9/13 is good at least until 9/17, probably a lot longer … as long as you store it sealed in a cool dry place, but not your refrigerator.  All of Seagate’s encapsulated powders have been freeze-dried in our plant and will last a very long time
Thank you
Seagate Customer Service
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