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Congressmen that voted for and against GMO labeling bill

The Zoo, aka our Congress

The Zoo, aka our Congress

There was such a strong reaction to our post regarding Thursday’s vote by the House of Representatives on H.R. 1599 “The Safe and Accurate Food Labeling Act of 2015” (aka The Monsanto Protection Act) that prohibits States from passing laws requiring foods containing GMO’s to be labeled, that we decided to post how each individual Congressmen voted on this Bill. Click here to look up your Congressmen to see how each one voted.

If you wish to send them a message, this link lets you look up their contact information.  Let them know (politely but firmly works better) how you feel about their vote and their likelihood to get reelected.

Seagate is apolitical, neither favoring nor even liking any political party. It is our position that most people who run for the House office do so for reasons other than wanting to support the good of our country.  If you look at their vote, you will see that Republicans mostly voted for the Bill (to ban the States from labeling GMOs) and most Democrats voted against it. But not all Republicans voted for it, nor all democrats against it

Remember, this bill would not have banned GMO’s. It just takes away the right of any State (which means you the people) from having those foods correctly labeled as GMO. If this Bill next passes the Senate, which it most likely will, and then is allowed to pass by the president, then big Agriculture and their friends like Monsanto have won.

If you feel very strongly about how this vote went, you might want to contact the congressmen on this list who voted for it.  If you want to try and stop it from passing the Senate, contact your 2 Senators. Here is the contact information for each Senator. Most likely they have already decided on how they will vote on H.R.1599 . But it is worth a try.

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sybreana tillman - If congress can’t vote and work for we the people maybe we the people need to vote against congress. By boycotting everything refusing to buy or do anything. We the people can’t afford to buy healthy food as it is and now you want to take away our choice of healthy choice by not making it mandatory for food to have GMO’S labels. Shame on all that didnt vote i. We the people’s interest.

Pam bailey - I will be voicing my singular opinion once again to my representatives. I vote in each and every election, I speak candinatly with my neighbors, friends and Co workers. I believe I have a constitutional right to know what I purchase when I provide my earned dollars and where I spend my earned dollars. I chose not to purchase g o m enhanced products.

Richard (Founder) - Hi Pam,
Theoretically, that is how it should work. But once in office they do whatever they want to do and hope you are not paying attention.

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