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Does olive leaf nasal spray prevent nose bleeds

As Olive Leaf Nasal Spray has become more popular, many people wish to attribute many different exotic curative capabilities to its use.  Many times these are either medical problems or way beyond the design of this homeopathic medicine.  Photo Credit Chris Stickley @ Flickr Creative Commons

A customer named Stephanie recently posed this question to us — Do you recommend using the olive leaf spray for preventing nose bleeds?

Seagate replied –

Hello Stephanie,

Olive Leaf Nasal Spray does not prevent nose bleeds. There can be dozens of causes of nose bleeds which are all very different from each other such as — inability of the blood to clot due to blood-thinning drugs such as warfarin (Coumadin) or aspirin; liver disease can also interfere with blood clotting; abnormal blood vessels or cancers in the nose etc. So you really need to figure out what is causing the nose bleeds because you might be trying to fix the symptom rather than solve the underlying problem.

Thank you

Seagate Customer Service


Since this is a homeopathic medicine, we are restricted as to what we can claim as the “purpose” for using the medicine by the combination of the homeopathic “active” ingredients used in the product.  Olive Leaf Nasal Spray can claim — temporary relief for difficulty breathing, mucous blockage, swelling of mucous membranes, running or blocked nose, sinus pressure and congestion, and accumulation of fluid. Nose bleeds are not listed as an allowable claim.  Besides, we do not encourage people to self-diagnose or self-treat problems which may actually have serious underlying causes or diseases that may not be obvious.

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Dive buddy Michelle with her compact camera

Michelle practicing with her camera in shallow water.

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