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Can Olive Leaf Nasal Spray be used every day for congestion?

A very frequent question that we hear regards the repetitive use of our homeopathic medicines and whether they are safe to use on a regular continuous basis or whether there is any danger from long-term use.  A customer named Teresa recently emailed this question – “Can I use the olive Leaf nasal spray everyday for sinus congestion / inflammation ?”

Photo credit: Alistair Vermaak @ Flickr

Photo credit: Alistair Vermaak @ Flickr

Seagate replied-

“Hi Teresa,

This is a natural homeopathic nasal spray. There is no danger of overdose.

However, something else to think about — if these symptoms have been going on for a long time, you should try and figure out what is causing them.

Possible causes (just as examples) can be — allergens in the air (pollen, mold from rainy climate or very dry climate or even a moldy house that has had water damage); food allergies; pet allergies; odors (perfume etc); laundry detergent; household cleaners; medicines; etc).
The Nasal Spray should help. But if you are continuously being exposed to something that is causing these symptoms, then you may get some relief without solving the actual problem.
Thank you
Seagate Customer Service”
Photo credit- Yvonne Marie via Flickr

Photo credit- Yvonne Marie via Flickr

While we are in the business of manufacturing natural products and homeopathic remedies, and selling products, our goal is to help you to improve your health. Therefore, although it is perfectly safe to use the Olive Leaf Nasal Spray every day, multiple times a day, we would also like to direct you towards solving the real problem so that you are not caught in this endless loop of having sinus congestion and inflammation and treating these symptoms forever.  Figure out what it is that is causing you to have to use the nasal spray every day. In the meantime, the Olive Leaf should help.

If all else fails, there is one spot where you certainly will get away from every allergen on this planet that could possibly cause your sinus issues – 80 feet below the surface on a Belizean reef.  Of course, you should not dive if your sinuses are completely congested or you might blow out an eardrum.  Notice in the photo below the diver in the background with his stream of air bubbles. Usually we try and avoid breaking up the scenery of a pretty reef with other divers. However, in this case, that person gave the picture some additional perspective.

Belize reef @ 80 feet

Belize reef @ 80 feet

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mary schrader - I have a 5 yr old granddaughter with continual stuffy nose and greenish mucous discharge . Dr keeps giving antibiotics and after 3 different ones that didn’t help I want to try this for her .If it was your grandchild how would you proceed

Richard (Founder) - Hi Mary-
Unless I were dealing with a severe infection, I would stay away from the antibiotics.
(It might even be an allergy that is causing this.)
The Olive Leaf Nasal Spray is perfectly safe for children.
Seagate Customer Service

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