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Natural Oils Soothe Burns – in Bye Bye Burns

Photo Credit - Pat Hawks@Flickr

Photo Credit – Pat Hawks@Flickr

Seagate has spent almost 20 years perfecting the application of natural oils on the skin.  In 1998 we discovered during a home accidental burning incident that a combination of Coconut Oil, Olive Oil, Shark Liver Oil and natural Vitamin E when combined will soothe, protect, reduce the pain and can rapidly heal minor burns.

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While taking a turkey out of the oven, my wife accidentally dropped the pyrex tray and hot turkey oil drops sprayed her face. She immediately rinsed her skin in cold water and applied this combination of oils we were using in another natural product.  Her skin did not blister and the pain subsided almost immediately. However, during the middle of the night she awoke to  find a painful blister on her neck  — a spot that she had inadvertently missed when applying the oils during the afternoon.

The typical minor burns affect the upper two layers of the skin – the Epidermis and Dermis.  The oils in Bye Bye Burns will penetrate to these layers and provide soothing relief.  By helping prevent blistering and peeling, the underlying skin has a better chance at maintaining its moisture, a barrier to bacteria, and will result in faster healing.

Photo credit - wikipedia.org

Photo credit – wikipedia.org

Bye Bye Burns comes in a topical spray and can be used for the quick and temporary relief and protection from scaldings, sunburns, and contact burns. Of course, another way to avoid all burns is to immerse yourself in ocean water and hide inside a cave with some Spotted Trunkfish. Notice that these guys have tiny little fins which cause them to swim very slowly. They are very easy to approach to take photos. However, do not let their cute look and fearlessness fool you. They are naturally-protected by toxins which they secrete from their skin when approached by predator fish. Though not dangerous for divers, these toxins can kill sharks.

Spotted Trunkfish, Grand Cayman

Spotted Trunkfish, Grand Cayman

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Teresa Smith - The 4 oils used for Bye, Bye Burns is Coconut oil, Olive oil, Shark liver oil and Vitamin E oil. I am very interested in getting the t-shirt as I am a loyal customer and love your products. Thank you!
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Sandy Anderson - lOVE YOUR PRODUCTS

The 4 oils used for Bye, Bye Burns is Coconut oil, Olive oil, Shark liver oil and Vitamin E oil.

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