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Natural & Eco-Friendly Ways to Care for Your Pet

Pets bring us companionship, brighten up our days, and are just plain fun to have around. Having a pet comes with a great deal of responsibility, and that responsibility extends to reducing your pet’s environmental footprint too.

Many people who are doing their best to “go green” and think about the environment in their day-to-day lives forget about the impact that pets have on the planet. And contrary to popular belief, eco-friendly pet care doesn’t have to be expensive or a hassle.

Photo credit: Alyssa L. Ochs

Photo credit: Alyssa L. Ochs

Here are some easy and affordable ways to be a responsible and sustainable pet owner.

Chemical-Free Pet Food

If you wouldn’t put a slew of unpronounceable chemical ingredients into your own body, why would you feed them to your pet?

All-natural pet food may be a bit more expensive than the standard brands, but they’re also much healthier for your pets to eat. When your pets eat healthier, you put them at a lower risk of developing illnesses and chronic conditions later in life, thereby reducing lifetime healthcare costs.

Look for natural and organic pet foods that are made with meats raised without drugs or hormones and with minimal processing. Certified organic pet foods must meet strict USDA standards with no artificial or genetically-engineered ingredients. Check out Natural Pet Market and Only Natural Pet to get started.

Natural Health Supplements

There’s just something that doesn’t feel right about pumping your pets full of prescription drugs unless they really, truly need them. Human healthcare is expensive enough on its own that you don’t need the added expense of pet prescriptions that aren’t covered by insurance.

As an alternative, consider all-natural health supplements for pets that are chemical-free and available without a prescription. For example, our Pet Joint Care capsules are made with high-quality freeze-dried shark cartilage and no artificial additives. In addition to joint issues, a wide variety of common conditions, such as anxiety, dandruff, and allergies can be treated with all-natural supplements and herbs.

These are some of the most common herbs recommended for pets:

  • St. John’s Wort for hyperactivity
  • Lavender for anxiety
  • Echinacea for infections
  • Eucalyptus and citronella for fleas
  • Garlic for parasites

Biodegradable Pet Supplies

Picking up poop is an inevitable part of life when you have a dog or cat. It might not be the most pleasant experience, but you can certainly make it a more eco-friendly one. Instead of using the plastic poop bags that are provided at your neighborhood park, bring along some biodegradable ones.

Much of the pet waste in America sits in landfills, where it can seep out of traditional plastic bags and find its way into waterways and beaches. Another option is to compost your pet’s poop if you have room in your backyard to bury an old garbage bin. Doggie Dooley has some interesting solutions to this problem if you’d like to learn more.

If you have a cat, try using biodegradable cat litter, like the one sold by Purr & Simple.

Photo credit: AndyLeo@Photography via Flickr

Photo credit: AndyLeo@Photography via Flickr

Eco-Friendly Cleaning Supplies

As any pet owner will tell you, messes are an all-too- common part of pet ownership. To clean up your carpet, hardwood floors, car seats, and householdsurfaces, invest in eco-friendly cleaning supplies that are chemical free and don’t harm the environment.

Green cleaners should be labeled as “biodegradable” and “non-toxic,” because products marked as “natural” sometimes still contain harsh ingredients like ammonia that can harm your pet. As a general rule when you’re reading labels, avoid products that have formaldehyde, bleach, phenols, isopropyl alcohol, and phthalates. Safe homemade products that you can make at home often include baking soda as an odor absorber, vinegar as a carpet stain remover, and lemon juice as an all-purpose cleaner.

Or take the guesswork out of pet-safe cleaning products and pick up a bottle of our Olive Leaf Surface Cleaner to wash germs and grime off of all the surfaces in your home!

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