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Facebook comment — local guru

Recently Seagate posted an article on Facebook and on this blog entitled “Natural ways to reduce high blood pressure without drugs“.  This is one of many articles we have written about staying healthy by maintaining a proper diet along with regular exercise. A no-brainer, at least for most people. However, the FB page did receive this comment by a Jim McDougal, “Just think of all that time, money, research and education wasted on all those doctors when the local guru can advise you.”  So we went to our local guru and asked him for some advice to pacify Mr. McDougal.

Photo credit - Deepak Bhatia via Flickr

Photo credit – Deepak Bhatia via Flickr

His initial suggestion was to have us send Mr. McDougal to two of his local and very “charming” friends for further medical advice.

Photo credit - particlem via Flickr

Photo credit – particlem via Flickr

However, these two fellows were not available at the time. So we took a close serious look at what we at Seagate are trying to accomplish with this site:

Perhaps more time should be spent by each of us using some common sense and taking control and responsibility for the state of our own health rather than running to the doctor with our 100 different maladies common to an over-consumptive American lifestyle.  What if you taught people how to eat right and exercise? What if two-thirds of American adults were not overweight or obese? What if we only paid our doctors when we were well, not when we got sick??  … the subject of another blog in the near-future.

Doctors play an important role in solving critical health problems.  But we should also take responsibility for our own health and trying to maintain a lifestyle that will avoid unnecessary trips to the doctor and hospital.

One suggestion is to swim regularly, or better yet — to possibly be in decent shape to able to dive well into our “senior” years.  The channel changer is not considered a form of exercise. The photo below was taken of a healthy Caribbean reef at approx. 70 ft.  Notice the silver Jack swimming just above the reef formation.  The photographer is one very serious geriatric diver who avoids going to doctors unless it is absolutely necessary.

Healthy Caribbean Reef shot by a healthy geriatric diver

Healthy Caribbean Reef shot by a healthy geriatric diver


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