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Best Natural Practices for Ear, Nose & Throat Health

In the winter season, ear, nose, and throat (ENT) issues become increasingly common. Whether it’s a pesky cold, a touch of the flu, or a sore throat, colder weather has a way of compromising our immune systems and putting us at risk of ENT illnesses.

Instead of relying on antibiotics to get you through the season, consider taking a more natural approach to taking care of your health this winter. Here are some best practices to keep in mind for ear, nose, and throat health.

Natural Ear Health

Not only is the ear a crucial body part for hearing, but also for balance. Symptoms of ear issues include pain, difficultly hearing, discharge, a ringing or buzzing sound, and loss of balance. Some natural medicine practitioners recommend using a few drops of pure 3% Hydrogen Peroxide into the ear to fight ear infections.

For ear irritations, otitis media, or inflammation of external and internal ear and Eustachian tubes, we recommend Seagate Earache Remedy. This is a homeopathic ear treatment that works without contraindication and utilizes only natural ingredients in accordance with strict FDA pharmaceutical standards to ensure safety and purity. Just add 2 to 3 drops into the ear, hold the head tilted for several minutes, and repeat 2-3 times per day for up to 4 days if needed.

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Natural Nasal Health

The nose is responsible for our sense of smell and also delivering air to our lungs. Stuffiness in the nasal cavity is a common cause of sickness, which can be made worse by allergies, sinus pressure, or a cold. Vitamin C is recommended to alleviate congestion, as well as peppermint oil dropped into a pot of boiling water to breathe in the steam.

Seagate’s solution to breathing difficulties, sinus irritations, mucous blockage, swelling of mucous membranes, running or blocked nose, sinus pressure and congestion, or accumulation of fluid is Olive Leaf Nasal Spray. Just use 1-3 sprays of our olive leaf extract/baptisia/grapefruit seed extract blend in each nostril every 2-4 hours as needed.

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Natural Throat Health

The throat is a passageway for air, food, and liquids that runs from the back of the nasal cavity to the esophagus and trachea. Infections can occur in any part of the throat, but these can often be treated at home. For example, drinking tea with lemon and honey can help ease a sore throat. Kelp can also be used in tea to help fight the bacteria that causes strep throat. You can also try mixing 1/4 cup of apple cider vinegar with 8 ounces of water and a couple teaspoons of honey to fight sore throat-causing bacteria.

For temporary relief of cold, mouth, and throat irritations, try our Olive Leaf Throat Spray with olive leaf extract, baptisia, and xylitol. This alternative antimicrobial therapy doesn’t come with side effects like antibiotics do and its ingredients have proven effective for mouth, throat and tonsil irritations, inflammation, and sore throat.

Other Recommendations

Other natural treatments that are worth a try for ENT conditions include garlic in any form, salt water for gargling, black pepper, ginger, and eucalyptus oil. Hot soups and teas may help loosen up blockage and bring soothing relief as well. However, spicy, crunchy, oily, and very cold foods are known to aggravate ENT problems and make them worse.

If symptoms persist or worsen, see your primary care doctor or an ENT specialist to get to the root of your problem and find treatment that works for your condition. If left untreated, ENT problems can lead to other health issues and possibly even permanent damage.

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