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Take a pill or should I change my lifestyle

Seagate Roma tomatoes ripening

A customer named Robert recently emailed us this series of questions below regarding Seagate Lycopene, other brands of lycopene, the stability of this product, shelf life, and scientific studies all for the purpose of maintaining his healthy blood pressure. The customer wrote:

I just ordered you lycopene supplement as an alternative to lycomato which for unknown reasons (and unlike tomato products) seems to cause side effects for me. My question related to your product relates to the stability of the lycopene content your tomato concentrate.  I recall finding a study on-line from a number of years ago indicating that that the lycopene content in a dried tomato concentrate was not very stable and dissipated very rapidly. (I’m sure it’s still findable on-line).  Any thoughts regarding your product and confidence level that the 15mg indicated would be maintained during the normal shelf life and usage period?  Any other thoughts would be welcome as well.  Taking in part to maintain healthy BP and I know that at least lycomato had some good studies in that regard.”

Basically what this person was really saying is that their doctor must have recently told them that they had developed high blood pressure … but rather than take the usual blood pressure-reducing prescription meds that the doctor had recommended, Robert was trying to attack the problem using lycopene and probably with other supplements.  Pills to the rescue!! Whether natural supplement pills or the doctor’s pills … the pill was going to be his solution to this health problem.

Seagate responded by telling Robert, “you cannot imagine how many people write to us looking to solve a medical problem by using a pill from a bottle rather than looking at the entire picture of what in their life-style brought about their condition in the first place and what they can do to change it.”  In this case, it had taken him a lifetime of eating the wrong foods, doing too little exercise, and likely also involving items that were also harmful to his health — possibly alcohol, processed foods, smoking(?), drinking (?), eating excessive salt etc.   However, Robert was entirely focused on the minutiae – the small trivial details – of lycopene, its stability, milligrams, and science behind the lycopene – rather than taking a closer look at himself and his lifestyle that brought about his high blood pressure.

Our advice to Robert was to look at what he might do to reverse the problem:

  1. Cut out all processed foods. If it comes in a box already prepared and is found in the center aisles of the grocery store, don’t eat it.
  2. Cut back on salt intake. (Get rid of those chips, salty food, and the salt shaker on the dining room table)
  3. Reduce the carbohydrates. If you don’t burn off those carbs (ie. by doing 20-30 minutes a day of exercise), your body will convert them into fat.
  4. Lose some weight. Your heart won’t have to work as hard.
  5. Look at reducing the stress in your life.

These are just a few of the suggestions for lifestyle change.  There is no magic just by taking a pill in a bottle. If your blood pressure is extremely high, going on prescription meds at first may help drive the numbers down and save you from having a stroke or a heart attack.  However, long-term you need to figure out what you have been doing all these years that brought about this condition and try and reverse it by leading a healthier life.  A pill in a bottle is just too easy to do and will not solve the problem.

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Seagate’s new tomato crop

Seagate’s New Tomato Crop – Part 2

If you took the time to read this far, you get to see a turtle’s head.  This fellow passed by within 2 feet of the camera. Sometimes you just have to be fast with the controls, strobes, focus etc. which is particularly difficult when the subject is moving quickly past you and you are at 80 feet.

Turtle passing by very closely.




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We have seen many of those studies too. In fact we have initiated several small informal tests on this subject on our own over the years.
However, the FDA does not allow us to make any statement on our labels, literature, website, etc. or even link to another website making such a claim because natural supplements are not medicines and therefore cannot make any medical claims. So I cannot even give you our thoughts or opinions without running the risk of having the FDA cite us. Sorry.
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