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Healthy Ways to Get Active During a Rainy Spring Season

Just when you thought the worst weather of the year was in your rear-view mirror, here comes the rain. If you live in a place where springtime means steady rain showers, it can be really frustrating to kick off your outdoor exercise routine and stick to it. It’s easy to make excuses and avoid working out because of rain, but there are actually lots of great ways to get your body moving despite what’s falling from the sky.

Here are some ideas for ways to keep moving during a rainy spring.

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Schedule around the Weather

Spring rains often don’t last the entire day, so now is the time to start paying attention to your local meteorologist. You’ll need to be a bit flexible with your schedule to make this work, but with some dedication, you can make the most of the day’s dry times and still get your daily dose of outdoor exercise.

Get a Little Wet

As long as the temperature isn’t too cold, actually making a point to go outside to exercise in the rain can be fun and refreshing. Some studies actually suggest that you burn more calories while exercising outdoors in cool rain, so there’s an added bonus.

However, you may need to invest in some new gear to stay safe, warm, and protected for exercise in the rain. Even if it’s not sunny, a baseball cap or sunglasses can help you see better, and a breathable rain jacket can help keep you dry. To stay visible for traffic, brightly colored clothing and perhaps a headlamp are recommended.

Circuit Training on a Porch or Deck

If getting soaked isn’t your idea of fun but you like watching the rain from afar, take advantage of the porch, deck, or covered patio of your home. This way, you can still experience the benefits of outdoor exercise but from the comfort of a dry place. This is a great time to do some stretching or yoga. Also, body weight circuits are a great way to burn fat and build strength, even with limited space and just a few easy props.

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Go Swimming at a Local Pool

Why get just a little wet when you can get totally immersed, right? Swimming at an indoor pool is a wonderful exercise for people of all ages and skill levels, and it doesn’t require a sunny spring day to do it. Swimming is also an efficient way to get in your daily cardio and muscle resistance training without putting too much strain on your joints.

Sign Up for a Class

While you’re at the gym, kickstart your spring workout routine by signing up for a new kind of exercise class that you’ve never tried before. It’s a common misconception that having the “winter blues” is the only time we start feeling down because of the weather. But a long string of rainy days can have the same mental and emotional effect. By simply being around other like-minded people who are also putting their health first, you can boost your mood while getting in shape and staying out of the rain.

Nostalgic and Family-Friendly Indoor Games

It’s important to remember that not all exercise has to come in the form of a gym workout and that there are lots of different ways to get your body moving. Take a moment to think about your favorite birthday parties as a kid and relive that nostalgia. On rainy spring days, why not visit family-friendly indoor game centers with bowling, ping pong, roller skating, or miniature golf with an indoor course? You might not necessarily work up a sweat with these ideas, but they’re great bonding activities that get everyone up off the couch and to stop moping about the weather.

What’s your favorite way to exercise in the spring? Share with us in the comment section below.

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