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Seagate broccoli farming

Seagate broccoli is farmed in two steps.  First the seeds are planted in trays and placed in a greenhouse where they are allowed to sprout.

Seagate’s broccoli sprout greenhouse

Then some of the sprouts are transplanted onto the farm land. The sprouts are planted between olive trees for protection from the wind and to make use of existing irrigation lines that can be seen in the bottom left corner of the first photo below. The following photo shows a better view of the drip irrigation lines. Normally, this is a very arid area of Baja California.

Broccoli planted between olive trees

Broccoli among the olive trees with drip lines

Seagate also makes use of the space, protection, and irrigation among the grapes.

Broccoli planted between grape vines on hillside

Farming is done in the valleys. Notice that this picture below shows a lot of green areas on the far hills. This was due to the unusually heavy rains this winter.

Farm landscape in Baja California behind broccoli field

Sometimes we have local visitors passing through that should be left alone.

Watchman leading to farm in Baja California

Seagate freeze-dries a blend of both the sprouts plus the partially mature plants in order to get the maximum benefit available from the broccoli.  Broccoli is a super food that should ideally be taken on a daily basis. The sprouts are a very high concentrator of glucorophanin, which your body converts using stomach enzymes into sulforophane. Cruciferous vegetables such as broccoli, brussel sprouts and cabbages are very important sources of these phytochemicals.  If you are unable to eat broccoli and broccoli sprouts on a daily basis, Seagate provides the convenience of having these freeze-dried nutrients in a capsule: Product Image

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