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Lycopene on Buy 1 Get 1 free in July

During this month of July,  Seagate’s Lycopene-15 is on Buy 1 Get 1 Free Special. Tomatoes contain the very important nutrient called Lycopene, which is a powerful antioxidant phytonutrient linked to promoting cardiovascular health, along with being beneficial to the prostate and cervix.  Lycopene is naturally-occurring in vegetables having red color such as watermelon, red peppers and tomatoes.Product Image

Seagate has been farming since 1997. Our first crop was carrots. Since then we have expanded farming into: broccoli, artichokes, lemons, olives, cactus and pomegranates. However, perhaps the single most important product we grow is tomatoes.  We have written many articles about our tomato farming including:

Converting Tomatoes into Lycopene

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Seagate’s New Tomato Crop – Part 2

Seagate’s new tomato crop 

Seagate’s tomatoes are freeze-dried without using any chemical or solvent. One tomato is so rich in lycopene that we are able to claim 15 mgs/ capsule. Enjoy this special through the end of the month


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