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Night-diving with eels

Seagate World is a site where we sometimes review unusual items of interest that are a part of Seagate’s world.  Today we are focusing on a video taken off the Cayman Islands by Richard.  One of his favorite topics is worms (eels & snakes).  This fellow below is a Golden Spotted Snake Eel.  He likes to come out at night and hunt for food. This was a night video, despite the bright video lights that lit him up like a Christmas tree.

These eels are not poisonous, but do have fangs. This fellow was approx. 3-4 feet long.  The difficulty in trying to shoot a moving snake is trying to stay ahead of it in his path, so that you get more of his head.  This guy was not spooked by the lights.  He was also not acting aggressively. The other difficulty is trying to swim backwards in the dark is not knowing what is behind you.  It helps to dive with a buddy.  But buddies are not always available when you are ready to go out. So you do the best that you can and most importantly … go diving.


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