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Pediatric Earache Remedy – October on Buy 1 Get 1 Free

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Don’t miss out on this month’s special, now that we are in the beginning of the cold and flu season.  Sale ends 10-31-17.

Indications: For the temporary relief of ear irritations, otitis media, inflammation of external and internal ear and eustacian tubes.

Natural antimicrobial products derived from plant sources, are proving to be potent preventatives, treatments, and stimulants of the body’s natural immune system, without the side-effects of many modern pharmaceutical drugs and are less susceptible to potency loss as a result of mutation of bacteria strains. The safe and effective relief of ear irritations can be accomplished with natural ingredients.


Actives- six homeopathic ingredients as the actives – Verbascum, Plantago major, Kali mur, Chamomilla, Belladonna and Aconitum napellus

Inactives- Olive Leaf Extract, Grapefruit seed Extract, USP Purified water

Precautions: Pediatric Ear Remedy is a very safe homeopathic formulation for use by children. In compliance with FDA labeling guidelines, this product is recommended for use with children 3 years of age and older because of the concern that you might incorrectly diagnose the actual condition in younger infants, without the advice of your health care professional. For use with an infant, after the problem has been correctly diagnosed by your health care professional, this product is perfectly safe to use.

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