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Creating the perfect fertilizer

This new fertilizer project has taken a year to perfect. The idea was to combine Seagate Seaweed and Seagate Fish Fertilizer into one tablet, the two perfect fertilizers. A tablet also it would be easy for home and garden applications. These two ingredients are high in protein (nitrogen), minerals, and vitamins. Unlike the mass-produced “miracle” sticks available in garden stores, this Seagate fertilizer has no chemicals. It is all-natural.

The new tableting machine required a complete reconstruction, including a larger motor, new pistons, and new timing gears (thank you China). It is finally in operation. It might look boring to watch tablets falling out of the machine, but it took a lot of work to get to this stage.

We expect to be finished with the labels and all the other details to be able to begin sales, early in the Spring of 2018.  All of you pot farmers who have been contacting us no longer need to worry. 









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