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Seagate Olive Leaf Extract – comparing apples to oranges

Seagate Olive leaves

Customers are always asking us to compare Seagate’s Olive Leaf Extract with other brands.  They specifically want to know the levels of oleuropein, a phytonutrient found in the olive tree, its leaves and even in its oil.    Unfortunately the U.S. health food industry is composed primarily of companies that are just labels who source out their raw material from suppliers, mainly overseas brokers and unfortunately now mostly from China. The only thing a lot of these companies actually process is the artwork on their labels and the invoices mailed with their orders. The only way to differentiate themselves from their competitors is to copycat the other labels and make their numbers for the supposedly active ingredient appear to be higher than the other companies. For most of our competitors, we have provided the photo above of what olive leaves actually look like.  Along with the photo below of Seagate’s olive trees.

Seagate olive trees

Perhaps there is no other company as intimately involved with using the olive tree as Seagate. We grow the trees, harvest the leaves and olives, and produce over 20 products from this wonderful plant:

Olive Leaf Nasal Spray

Olive Leaf Throat Spray

Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Olive Leaf Extract

Liquid Olive Leaf Extract

Earache Remedy

Liquid Olive Leaf Remedy for Kids

Pediatric Earache Remedy

Extra Virgin Olive Oil capsules

Bye Bye Burns

Smooth Skin

OliveViate antifungal

Acne Remedy

Bye Bye Diaper Rash

Stop Rash

Cut & Wound Remedy

Olive Rectal Spray

Olive Vaginal Spray

Olive Surface Cleaner

Olive Leaf Mint Tea

Seagate is always asked to compare our olive leaf’s potency to other brands, using the measure of the oleuropein content.  Seagate has produced many articles on this topic regarding why oleuropein is just one of over 9 phytonutrients contained in the olive tree that give it is potent characteristics:

Comparing Olive Leaf Extract brands

Oleuropein is not the measure of potency in Olive Leaf Extract

The Healing Powers of Olive Leaves

If I were a rabbit having a heart attack, I would catch a plane to Athens and get some oleuropein

The fact is that besides oleuropein, there are 8 other equally important active phytochemicals contained in the olive leaves, olive oil, and even the bark of this tree that include: caffeic acid; verbascoside; luteolin 7-0-glucoside; rutin; apignenin 7-0-glucoside; leuteolin 4′-0-glucoside; and maslinic acid. It took thousands of years for Nature to perfect this formulation. It is not likely that a couple of scientists working in a lab would be able to reinvent it.

So if you wish to compare products, find us another company that grows their own olive trees, and processes their own olive oil and olive leaf extract.  Otherwise, don’t waste your time, when the other companies making such silly claims are picking the cheapest olive leaf extract powder that they can buy, most likely from China.  Most of these folks would not recognize an olive leaf it dropped onto their desk.

While you are searching for such a company, I suggest you join us for a dive to visit some hard corals off the coast of Belize. It is amazing how much color Nature puts into these objects and then hides it all underwater where light is limited and being able to view such things is restricted to people willing to strap on a tank and get wet.

Hard corals – Belize

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