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New Product – Seaweed and Fish SoilTabs

New Product

Seaweed & Fish SoilTabs 5-4-5  (N-P-K)

1lb 3 oz Net wt.    (approx. 275 tablets)

New product – Fertilizer tablets made of Seaweed & Fish

Seagate Seaweed & Fish SoilTabs 5-4-5 combines two of Nature’s best natural sources of nutrients in one easy-to-apply tablet.  This fertilizer is composed of dehydrated sardines combined with dehydrated seaweed.

Seagate’s Fish Fertilizer 11-5-1 powder is used for its high nitrogen content when placing new plants or seeds into pots or in the soil. This fertilizer is composed entirely of dehydrated whole sardines that are ground into a powder.

Use: Press these tablets into the soil of existing house plants or in your garden where plant growth might make it difficult to apply our fish powder. The higher level of phosphorus and potash is well-suited for the “flowering stage” (for you pot-growing aficionados) of your more exotic plants. By pressing these tablets below the soil, you will provide the plant with a slow constant release of nutrients into the soil surrounding its roots.

Economical: Each container is sold on the basis of weight. However just to give you an idea, there are approx. 275 tablets per container which will be able to feed many garden and house plants with these slow-release convenient tablets.

2 Ingredients: This fertilizer is composed of two natural ingredients: sardines and seaweed. Compare this to the mass-market brands that sell fertilizer stakes made from chemicals. Most of these tablet and stake fertilizers only provide their N-P-K levels and will hide their source of raw materials.

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