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Stop Rash – Buy 1 Get 1 free – sale ends 1 week


Sale ends 8/31/2018

Skin Rashes – Itching – Sores – Swelling – Inflammation – Scaling

Most people will experience immediate relief using this product.   Stop Rash provides the following benefits:
– All-Natural Homeopathic Remedy
– Immediate Relief on Contact
– Anti-inflammatory
– Omega-3 Fish Liver Oil Base Nourishes Damaged Skin
– Antimicrobial Protection from secondary skin infection
– Promotes Rapid Healing
– No Messy Clean-up, Stop Rash Absorbs into Skin
– Long-Lasting Protection
– Safe, Even if Swallowed
– Topical Spray Eliminates Hand Contact with Irritated Skin
– Pleasantly Scented
– Doctor-Recommended
– Economical – approx. 325 single spray applications per bottle

Indications: For the temporary relief of skin rashes, itching skin, sores, swelling, inflammation, red and swollen skin, scaling, and painful burning of the skin.
                Buy now:  Stop Rash  $9.95        Buy 1 Get 1 Free                                                                                                                                  

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