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How to Use Seaweed & Fish Soil Tabs for Fall Gardening and Houseplants

We’ve recently talked about summer fertilizing with Seagate’s Fish Fertilizer Concentrate and even how to help marijuana plants grow with fish fertilizer. Well now in the midst of the fall season, we wanted to take a closer look at how our new Seaweed & Fish Soil Tabs can help you with your autumn plants and flowers this year.

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How Seaweed & Fish Soil Tabs Work

This exciting fertilizing product comes straight from nature without any chemicals or petroleum-based compounds. It’s made of dehydrated sardines and dehydrated seaweed to give you the best of both worlds in an easy-to-use tablet.

Our own contract divers collect the seaweed to be harvested for this product, and local purse-seine vessels catch the sardines we use. The tabs have a high nitrogen content, and the high levels of potassium and potash are ideal for the flowering stage of plant growth.

Usage Tips

We recommend using these tabs when you place new plants in soil or place seeds into pots. The tabs are also ideal to use for existing garden vegetables and flowers, as well as existing houseplants, because you can easily stick these tablets underneath the surface of the soil around the plants’ roots.

Use one or two tablets per quart of soil, although there’s no danger of over-fertilizing or burning the roots if you use a bit more. Since you press the tabs down into the soil, rather than applying a fertilizer to the top of the soil, you can fertilize with fish both indoors and outdoors without worrying about any fishy smell.

Benefits of Fish-Based Fertilizers

One thing that’s great about these little fertilizer tablets is that they release fertilizer slowly over the course of two to four months. The exact fertilizer release time depends upon the water saturation of your soil and also your local weather conditions. But with that slow release, you don’t have to deal with messy fertilizer residue or worry about fertilizing more than a few times per year.

There are approximately 275 tablets in each container of our Seaweed & Fish Soil Tabs, making this a very economical way to grow healthy plants the natural way. Fertilizing with natural fish rather than chemicals produces healthier, stronger, and more disease resistant plants and flowers. This is especially important if you are growing vegetables, fruits, and herbs that you’ll be eating.

Organic Gardening Tips for Fall

To get ready for the fall growing season or to simply give your indoor houseplants a boost, give our new Seaweed & Fish Soil Tabs a try. Depending on where you live, certain plants and crops do better in the autumn, such a lettuce, spinach, carrots, broccoli, and beets. Learn about what grows well during the fall season where you live by talking to a skilled gardener in your neighborhood or asking an expert at a local gardening store.

It is generally recommended to keep your soil moist for newly planted beds because even short drought periods can distress fall garden plants. Apply mulch liberally to keep the soil moist and attract earthworms and other beneficial creatures. Hoeing away weeds as soon as you notice them can help prevent the spread of disease in an organic fall garden, as well as picking off insects by hand before they multiply.

What are you planting in your fall garden this year?

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