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A visual way for you and your friends to feel happy.

Air plant holders by TheWeldergirl.com

Here is another way to help yourself and some close friends to be happy.  Sometimes eating right, keeping up with your exercise, and reducing stress are not all that you can do to make yourself feel good.  It can also be done visually.

In this age where it seems that people no longer have the skills to create things by their own hands, here are some beautiful metal plant holders made by Heather, a skilled welder with her own shop … in San Francisco, California.

Heather is an artist, who makes a variety of metal designs and sculptures.  Today’s subject just happens to be her latest creations, which are air plant holders.  She has also made canopy beds and outdoor garden sculptures.  The air plant holders come in a variety of designs, from stands to hanging holders. They are an inexpensive and definitely a very creative way to brighten up a room and your gift list for the holiday season.

TheWeldergirl.com hanging plant holders

With the holidays approaching, these would be a very unique gift for a friend or family that would make them smile when they look at such a present in their room.  There is a lot of work and sparks flying when Heather puts on her welding gear and goes into production.

You cannot imagine that underneath all this gear, there is a cute young lady producing all this work on her own.

Heather , the welder girl

When Heather is not creating sculptures, one of her other passions is to dive.  Sometimes it is interesting not only to see the art, but to learn about the artist.

Welder girl in a place where she can’t catch her hair on fire.


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