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Meet Eva – Part II

This is our second posting about Eva P., who has run Seagate’s San Diego office for over 12 years. We usually keep her confined in the back warehouse because she can sometimes be annoying. Actually she is a very nice person and a pleasure to be around … that is when she happens to be […]

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Meet Halima

There are certain key people who work in Seagate that are a very important part of making this company a success. Today we introduce Halima S. who has been working with us for almost 8 years.  Halima is based in our San Diego office having a variety of responsibilities including customer  service, GMP controls (good […]

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Home garden water conservation from using fish fertilizer

Due to a variety of different reasons, there are many parts of the country experiencing drought conditions, especially the Western States. The USDA produces a drought monitor graphic website that is regularly updated and will show you the drought severity in your region. As a result of the low water levels in the reservoirs and […]

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Meet Sonya

From time to time, we post an article about the different people that work with us in Seagate to help make it a success.  Today, we introduce to you Sonya M. who has been working with us for almost 7 years.  Sonya works in our San Diego office, primarily in customer service along with various […]

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Jose, Plant manager and competitive surfer

Seagate’s world also includes the people that work very hard to produce the finest products for this company.  Today’s blog is dedicated Jose P., who has been working for Seagate for 20 years, and continues to be a competitive surfer in his free time. Jose is in charge of the production at the Ensenada factory […]

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Introducing Heather on Doug Kaufmann’s t.v. show

Today’s blog has the pleasure to introduce Heather, Seagate’s next generation. Some of the key people working their way up the Seagate company ladder include family. Heather grew up in the family business, and has been working in the company for most of the last 7 years, with one time-out for a solo back-packing trip through […]

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