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Creating the perfect fertilizer

This new fertilizer project has taken a year to perfect. The idea was to combine Seagate Seaweed and Seagate Fish Fertilizer into one tablet, the two perfect fertilizers. A tablet also it would be easy for home and garden applications. These two ingredients are high in protein (nitrogen), minerals, and vitamins. Unlike the mass-produced “miracle” […]

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GMO corn in Mexico … is it really banned? — Negativo

One week ago, a Mexican judge officially banned all GMO corn in Mexico.  This was the direct result of their scientists finding that up to 95% of the wild “maize” (corn) fields in the Mexican States of Oaxaca and Pueblo contain GMO contamination.  There are approx. 20,000 varieties of corn grown in Mexico, the raw […]

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Glyphosate levels found in U.S. foods – A Monsanto Thanksgiving

Glyphosate is the active ingredient herbicide (weed-killer) found in Monsanto’s Roundup.  It is the world’s top-selling weed-killer. Monsanto has been modifying the genetics of various crops (soy, wheat, corn, cotton, etc) in order that they can withstand higher and higher doses of Roundup without themselves being killed off by this herbicide. However, there are consequences […]

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