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FDA announces plans to limit your access to homeopathic medicine

Every few years the FDA makes a new attempt to shut down, or to limit your access to homeopathic medicines. The reasons they do this is because the alternative medicine sector is a headache for them and their best friends, the large pharmaceutical companies and they get paid over half a billion dollars in revenue […]

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Fact or Myth – Does America still feed the world?

The average U.S. farm feeds 155 people worldwide in 2018, up from 26 people in 1960. When critics of industrial agriculture complain that today’s food production is too big and too dependent on pesticides, that it damages the environment and delivers mediocre food, there’s a line that farmers offer in response: We’re feeding the world. […]

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Seagate Liquid Olive Leaf Extract discussed on Balanced Bites Podcast

Occasionally we receive recognition for our work.  On December 28, 2017 the very popular “BALANCED Bites” podcast hosted by Diane Sanfilippo & Liz Wolfe happened to briefly discuss Seagate’s Liquid Olive Leaf for Kids. You can find this on episode #328 at 7:45 into the show.   Podcast Episode #328: New Year’s Resolutions & Healthy Sleep […]

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Seagate Nopal Cactus 90 caps – Buy 1 Get 1 free this month

Enjoy the benefits of one of Seagate’s best-selling supplements, Nopal Cactus 90 caps, for the remainder of this month at Buy 1 Get 1 free. Seagate freeze-dried Nopal Cactus reabsorbs approx. 50X its dried weight when released into the stomach providing an immediate feeling of fullness and reducing hunger. Unlike other diet products that may […]

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