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Converting tomatoes into Lycopene

Seagate grows and processes our own raw materials into finished products. Once each year, we grow Roma tomatoes on our farm for lycopene production. Although we can grow these tomatoes year-round in our location in Baja California, we prefer to do this during the warmer months, between April and October when the tomatoes will quickly […]

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Take a pill or should I change my lifestyle

A customer named Robert recently emailed us this series of questions below regarding Seagate Lycopene, other brands of lycopene, the stability of this product, shelf life, and scientific studies all for the purpose of maintaining his healthy blood pressure. The customer wrote: “I just ordered you lycopene supplement as an alternative to lycomato which for […]

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Fillers and excipients in Health Food Supplements

Take a close look at the ingredients on the labels of the health food supplements that you purchase. Many or actually most contain fillers or excipients.  If you see words such as maltodextrin, lactose, magnesium, starch, cellulose, methyl cellulose, silica, talc, these are just a few.  Fillers are more in the category of taking up […]

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Mass-market buying out health food companies

The health food industry has changed dramatically during the  last 25 years when Seagate first entered the industry. It used to be made up primarily of small companies that farmed and processed their own products. These days, very few health food companies process anything other than paperwork in their offices. During the the 1990’s the […]

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