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OliveViate topical antifungal – Buy 1 Get 1 free (May, 2019)

 Seagate developed this topical antifungal homeopathic medicine over 14 years for the temporary relief of skin rashes, dry itching skin, flaking, burning, scaly and inflamed skin, and cracks between toes. For the temporary relief of the symptoms of eczema and athlete’s foot (Tinea pedis). BUY 1 GET 1 FREE (May 2019) Skin Relief: OliveViate homeopathic medicine […]

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Response to a customer review claiming shark cartilage was too expensive

Sometimes it is interesting to see what sorts of feedback Seagate receives from customers: Hi Kathy, On January 26 you posted the following review of Seagate Shark Cartilage: Product Name: Shark Cartilage 650mg 300 V Caps (Product #230) Name: kathy A. (name hidden to protect her identity) Location: williston park Rating: 4: pricey no coupons […]

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March special – Nopal Cactus 90 caps Buy 1 Get 1 free ends 3-31

Sale ends shortly. For those of you wishing to – Control: * Diet * Sugar-spiking * Colon-Cleansing … Naturally!! – the Buy 1 Get 1 deal is over March 31st. Nopal Cactus is Nature’s natural storehouse of water. Seagate removes the water during by freeze-drying, leaving the natural absorptive properties intact. The Nopal’s fiber acts […]

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