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Pediatric Earache Remedy – Buy 1 Get 1 Sale ends in 1 week

Pediatric Earache Remedy – Natural Homeopathic Remedy Buy 1 Get 1 Free   –  Sale ends 10-31-2018 Seagate Pediatric Ear Remedy is a safe and effective alternative to the use of antibiotics at the first sign of children’s ear irritations and before there is a serious infection. Seagate has developed this pediatric version of the popular […]

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A visual way for you and your friends to feel happy.

Here is another way to help yourself and some close friends to be happy.  Sometimes eating right, keeping up with your exercise, and reducing stress are not all that you can do to make yourself feel good.  It can also be done visually. In this age where it seems that people no longer have the […]

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FDA allowing Drug companies to transform herbs into medicines

                                                             Photo credit – Chris Potter via Flickr One new way for the FDA to remove supplements and natural products from the market is to allow drug companies to convert them into drugs and then request the FDA to remove all forms of the supplement from the market. They can do this in several steps: […]

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