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San Diego suing Monsanto, Bayer trying to buy Monsanto

When you think of Monsanto, you might remember their wonderful accomplishments such as Agent Orange and GMO’s. Perhaps some of your family is no longer able to eat U.S. produced wheat or soybean products, like a slice of bread or pizza without breaking out in hives or having severe stomach pain. Thank Monsanto. However, you […]

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Vegetables to Plant in Your Spring Garden & Spring Growing Tips

If you love incorporating fresh vegetables into your daily meals, then perhaps you’ve dreamed of planting your own vegetable garden. It really doesn’t get any more local or seasonal than your own backyard, and if you’re in control, you can ensure your veggies are free of chemicals and pesticides too.

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Seagate’s neighborhood – Baja California

This post will give you a better perspective on Seagate. We are a farming and fishing company.  The area that we farm is in the remote foothills of Baja California. Sometimes our neighbors find it easier to visit by horse. During the very hot dry summers, sometimes these hills can easily catch on fire. Normal […]

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Shark Cartilage in Seagate Beta Glucan — is it sustainable?

A Seagate customer named Wendy C. of Dunsmuir,CA recently wrote this email to Seagate concerned about the sustainability of the sharks from which we get our shark cartilage used in the Beta GS product. Comments: Is the shark cartilage in beta glucan sustainably harvested? Shark finn soup has made us all aware of the poor […]

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Get Ready For Summer with Seagate Fish Fertilizer Concentrate

Believe it or not, summer is just around the corner! Whether you’re looking to plant flowers on your front porch, vegetables in your garden, or trees around the yard, you simply can’t get a better fertilizer than fish. Plants and vegetables love the natural nitrogen-phosphorus-potash blend in our dried fish powder, which is why we […]

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Seagate Seaweed and Radiation Testing update

Since the 2011 Japan Fukushima Dai-ichi nuclear disaster, Seagate has been carefully monitoring the production of Seaweed Powder for any levels of radiation.   Of primary concern is the possible presence of radioactive isotope Iodine-131. Federal FDA standards for food products allows a max level of 170 Bq/kg. Seagate harvests their seaweed along the Pacific […]

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