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March special – Nopal Cactus 90 caps Buy 1 Get 1 free ends 3-31

Sale ends shortly. For those of you wishing to – Control: * Diet * Sugar-spiking * Colon-Cleansing … Naturally!! – the Buy 1 Get 1 deal is over March 31st. Nopal Cactus is Nature’s natural storehouse of water. Seagate removes the water during by freeze-drying, leaving the natural absorptive properties intact. The Nopal’s fiber acts […]

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Approaching a Barracuda

Sometimes Seagate’s World is below the surface of the ocean. Richard, the founder of Seagate has continued to be an avid diver now for almost 50 years, taking photos and videos whenever possible. In this case, the dive was off Little Cayman Island in December. The art in taking these sorts of pictures is to […]

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