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A Lemon-a-day can keep the doctor away

Drinking a glass of lemon juice each day can give you a variety of benefits: *It is rich in antioxidants, neutralizing free-radicals. *It stimulates the production of hydrochloric acid in the stomach to aid in digestion. *However, the alkalizing salts in the lemon will help cause the body to be more alkaline and less acidic. […]

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Olive Oil cheating update

Seagate previously posted on this subject in a May 2016, Olive Oil Industry Growth & Cheating. That article detailed the flow of olive oil from Italy into the U.S., over 110,000 tons/year, and how most of it was adulterated either with other vegetable oils, oils from North African and Eastern European countries, or 2nd press […]

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Feeding commercial dog food vs. real food – Part I

The reason we are reviewing this topic is that it appears that dogs overall are less healthy, seem to be living fewer years, are contracting illnesses or debilitating physical conditions much earlier in life, and are behaving as if they were much older and having less energy well before entering their “senior years”. If you […]

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Facebook comment — local guru

Recently Seagate posted an article on Facebook and on this blog entitled “Natural ways to reduce high blood pressure without drugs“.  This is one of many articles we have written about staying healthy by maintaining a proper diet along with regular exercise. A no-brainer, at least for most people. However, the FB page did receive […]

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