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Healthy Recipe Ideas for Your Backyard Summer BBQ

If you’re trying to get in shape or just life a healthier lifestyle, going to summer parties can be an uphill battle of temptations and will power. Here are some healthy recipe ideas for your backyard party or summer BBQ that won’t disappoint!

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Do You Know the Differences between Juices and Smoothies?

Juices and smoothies are touted as being ultra-healthy food choices and especially refreshing during the summer season. But there’s a bit of a misconception out there that juices and smoothies are the same thing, and this couldn’t be further from the truth. In fact, there are big differences in how they’re made and what nutrients you’re getting from each of them.

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Understanding the Differences of Heirloom, Organic, Hybrid & GMO Produce

Those little stickers on fruits and vegetables may tell you a little bit about where your produce comes from, but the seeds that were used to grow it make a difference in the nutrition you’re getting. That’s why it’s so important to understand how your produce was grown and the differences among heirloom, organic, hybrid, and GMO varieties.

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Seagate’s summer Nopal harvest season begins

Seagate grows on our farm or harvests from the ocean ~ 20 different raw materials. Nopal Cactus is just one of them. Just like any other plant or tree, there is a correct time for cutting off (pruning) the old-growth to allow the plant to prosper during the coming year. In the case of Nopal […]

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