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Deep Vein Thrombosis, warning signs and things you should do

As we get older, especially beyond the age of 60, there is one more possible ailment that you should be aware of.  This is particularly true if one sits for long periods of time. Most of us think that DVT (Deep Vein Thrombosis) is just a condition that can strike only during long plane flights. […]

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Diving physiology and how it also may affect your health

There are numerous health factors that must be considered to be a safe diver especially if you are over 40, which cross over into the world of health for the general population. While golfing seems to be the current preferred “sport” activity for retirees and is certainly at the opposite end of the spectrum from […]

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Facebook comment — local guru

Recently Seagate posted an article on Facebook and on this blog entitled “Natural ways to reduce high blood pressure without drugs“.  This is one of many articles we have written about staying healthy by maintaining a proper diet along with regular exercise. A no-brainer, at least for most people. However, the FB page did receive […]

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Understanding Sleeping Patterns & Bad Sleep Habits to Avoid

Sleep is one of the most natural things that the human body can do, as we spend roughly one-third of our lives doing it. Simply getting seven-to-eight hours of shut-eye has the power to improve your memory, strengthen your immune system, increase your brain power, and boost your mood. However, sleep is still an elusive thing for many people and a huge cause of concern among adults in America.

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