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Mexico voted … and the people lose once again

Mexican Presidential Elections 2012 Institutional Revolutionary Party (Partido Revolucionario Institucional) It is now official (well sort of official)  the people of Mexico voted for president on July 1st, and after a week of recounts, claims of voter fraud, vote-buying, and ballet-box stuffing … the only certainty in this ballot is that the people of Mexico […]

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Seagate becomes a farmer in 1997

Seagate began operations in 1981 as a fishing company and specialty seafood processor in Baja California with a small office and a leased cold storage located in San Diego. By 1993, Seagate ventured into the health food industry by processing the shark cartilage that was a byproduct of their filleting operations, a raw material that […]

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This blog is about Seagate’s World, the people and scenery in this very picturesque region where Seagate’s factory is based, which is actually in Ensenada, Baja California … not Tijuana. In order to reach Ensenada by road, a beautiful seaside community along the Pacific coast 100 miles south of San Diego, you must first pass […]

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The Mexican Border

  (Tijuana side of the border fence)   This photo of the very shaky border fence separating the U.S. and Mexico is located 3 miles from the southwestern edge of the continental U.S., where the fence begins in the Pacific Ocean.  Up until 1993, this fence was entirely constructed of surplus military airplane landing mats […]

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