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Smell – a function of a person’s expectations, rather than reality

The suggestion that an ingredient is present can trigger a person’s brain to imagine the smell is real even without the smell being present. Several Seagate topical products use fish oil with omega-3’s as an important ingredient. It helps to soften the skin, protect it from rashes and even reduce wrinkles. It is also a […]

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Freeze-dried whole lemon powder is not Lemonade

Lemonade is really sugar water with some lemon flavor that on average has over 25 grams of sugar in an 8 oz serving. Seagate Lemon Powder is made from whole lemons. It is not lemonade. It contains no sugar.  However, it can be a very healthy way for you to make lemonade. Recently, a customer […]

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Olive Oil Production Begins

After comparing the quality to the best olive oils imported from Italy we decided to make the statement that appears on our caps that this is ‘The Best You Ever Had”. This is probably the only facility in the world using vacuum technology to extract olive oil. It took 3 years to perfect. It is […]

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Olive Oil bottle and a friendly Tijuana cantina

Seagate has been producing olive leaf extract since 1997. Until now, olive oil production has been kept at a minimum, sufficient to supply the requirements for encapsulating and bottling our softgels . The development work for this new product, olive oil in glass bottles, has been taking place for the last two years. The ultimate […]

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Olives ripening … almost time to begin olive oil production

It is the end of September, the most picturesque time of the year to be wandering around the farmland used by Seagate.  After a very hot summer, the olives are finally beginning to ripen. The olives have now reached their full size, though most are still green. At this stage of growth and maturity, green […]

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Seagate becomes a farmer in 1997

Seagate began operations in 1981 as a fishing company and specialty seafood processor in Baja California with a small office and a leased cold storage located in San Diego. By 1993, Seagate ventured into the health food industry by processing the shark cartilage that was a byproduct of their filleting operations, a raw material that […]

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