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Seaweed Part II – Grover’s Skin Rash By Richard Lentz

Today’s blog entry is a little different from the usual theme of showing photos of Seagate’s farm and factory, in to bring you Grover’s “Disease” or “Rash”, or  whatever it is??  The word disease is in parenthesis because dermatologists have no idea what it is, what causes it, how to treat it or if it […]

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Seagate Seaweed and Japan’s Fukushima Radiation Discharge

Seagate harvests giant the kelp,  Macrocystis pyrifera, along the west coast of Baja California, primarily along the bays within a 20 miles of Ensenada.  Seaweed has been a part of Seagate’s fishing and marine harvesting program since 2003.  It is one of 18 raw materials that Seagate produces. Until November 2011 consumer demand for seaweed […]

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The decision to develop a new product at Seagate is based upon 3 key factors: 1) whether the company can produce the raw material themselves, either from their farming or fishing operations; 2) whether the product is different or unique from products already available in the health food industry; and 3) whether the new product […]

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While diving and Mexican politics are interesting topics, occasionally this blog does need to return to topics dealing with Seagate’s farming, fishing and factory activities. Seagate operates several farms in northern Baja California, near their Ensenada factory. Two of these farms are used for growing tomatoes, which Seagate processes and sells under the name Lycopene-15. […]

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  That fellow flying by the Seagate farm is not an artichoke, just a seagull flying inland.  While most people encounter these birds along the coast, following fishing boats or scavenging garbage, many of the different species of seagulls inhabiting Southern California nest inland. Seagate is very close to adding artichokes to its product list. […]

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Nopal Cactus farming and processing

Nopal Cactus is one of 20 raw materials that Seagate produces on their farms and from their fishing operations. The cactus farm is located inland from their factory in Ensenada, Baja California in one of the most arid regions of the world.  Typical annual rainfalls average less than 6 inches per year in these inland […]

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