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Xylitol and your dog, the Dangers

Xylitol has become widely used as a substitute sweetener for cane sugar in foods, desserts, toothpaste, and gum. While it is harmless to humans and has several excellent benefits compared to raw sugar, it can be deadly to dogs. Benefits for humans:  Many people categorize Xylitol as an artificial sweetnener. However, it is a naturally-occurring […]

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Seaweed Part IV – applying to itchy bites by Richard Lentz

On a recent dive trip to film underwater critters in Lembeh Straits, Indonesia I had another bout with itching skin, as a result of numerous bites. It seems that my poor skin is under attack no matter how hard I try to take precautions. This area of Indonesia has malaria, dengue fever, and a host […]

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Nopal Cactus farming and processing

Nopal Cactus is one of 20 raw materials that Seagate produces on their farms and from their fishing operations. The cactus farm is located inland from their factory in Ensenada, Baja California in one of the most arid regions of the world.  Typical annual rainfalls average less than 6 inches per year in these inland […]

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