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Organic Farming Around the World

The basic principles of original farming that were practiced for thousands of years are now considered to be “organic farming” because no inorganic methods were known at the time. Forest gardening, which dates back to prehistoric times, is a fully organic food production system that is low-maintenance, sustainable, and widely successful in tropical areas. By […]

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Fighting Acne Without Harsh Chemicals or Scary Pills

Acne is an embarrassing and burdensome condition that makes teenagers, as well as many people in their 20s, 30s, and beyond, feel like they don’t have control over their own bodies. Consulting a dermatologist and pumping the body full of antibiotics is often the first instinct for people struggling with acne. If you’re already trying […]

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Tiffany Elkins - I am going to try some of these. Thank you, I am 31 on the phase 1 diet drink raw milk and our own grass fed beef, yet I still suffer from adult acne/dry skin. Our lifestyle change has helped clear my rosia but not the acne 🙁 thanks

Dear Seagate – Are your Olive Oil Bottles

Every week we will be posting anonymous questions from our customers. Everything from correct dosage, to our farming methods, and much more. Dear Seagate Is the olive oil bottle of your new product “100% Extra Virgin Olive Oil” darkened to protect the oil? It looks like clear glass in the picture. Thank you, Megan Dear […]

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Lauren - Interesting. I’ve always heard extra virgin olive oil is the best kind of oil to purchase but I didn’t know the oil can break down over time due to light. Good to know!

sarahluvzveggies - how long does olive oil take to break down? i cook with it all the time and go through a decent sized bottle in 2 months or so. i tend to leave it on my counter as well in a clear bottle.

Ralf - Ah, this is a new Seagate product. I’d love to try it. I use olive oil frequently too Sarah! I wonder if the olive oil already been sent to retailers or is it only directly available through Seagate… I typically buy Seagate stuff from a local health food store.

Shirley R. - Very true about olive oil being mixed with other oils when you purchase the cheapest products – what most people do! Wondering what this olive oil tastes like. Sounds like a great addition to the kitchen!

Louis Camassa - This is the best tasting olive oil I’ve ever used (and I’ve always bought high-quality primo products). It actually tastes like you’re biting into an olive! I haven’t used it for cooking yet, but drizzled on salad and steamed veggies-yummy!

Protecting Your Dog’s Skin, Like It’s Your Own

Just because your dog is covered in fluffy fur doesn’t mean that she doesn’t have serious skin issues underneath. Perhaps you’ve been experimenting with all-natural home remedies for your own minor ailments. But did you know that you can often treat your dog with very similar remedies as well? You might be surprised to learn […]

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Sammy Largo - How do you know when your dog has a skin infection? It’s difficult to see their skin under their fur.

rob - i think you mostly know when your dog scratches himself a lot and generally looks uncomfortable. you can brush his fur to the side and get an idea of what the skin is like. a healthy diet with omega 3 and other supplements can do wonders for your dawg.

Lauren - I had a dog whose skin was so bad that her hair wouldn’t grow back. She was given to me by neighbor who didn’t take care of her very well. I had low funds so wasn’t able to take her to a vet but I wish I had known this information then. She was an old dog.

Trayvon - I love my dog and have looked into making sure he eats well – just as well as me haha! I would buy him plain dog food but he would not eat it (I’ve never had such a picky dog!). Anyway, I add in some wet dog food to make the food tastier and then I add Seagate’s supplements. He’s been in great shape.

mary - is olive leaf ear drops effective for dogs

Natural Remedies for Pediatric Earaches

Ear infections are one of the most common illnesses that children between three months and seven years suffer from. When many parents hear the word, “infection,” they run to the doctor begging for antibiotics. However, most ear infections get better without antibiotics, and recurrent ear infections are often due to repeated antibiotic use. So how […]

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Shirley R. - I agree in picking up remedies before problems arise! You will feel much more relieved if you are prepared rather than having to rush to the store with a screaming little one and figure out the ideal remedy to use.

Kat Braza - My daughter just had an ear infection weeks ago and that was a pain to deal with. Not only for her but for me as well! I did go to the doc for antibiotics but next time I’m planning to deal with it at home since yes, it’s really not a huge deal. I just freaked out because it was the first one she’s had. SeaGate’s product sounds great.

Emanuel - I wonder how long the results take to come in when the swab test is done. Must not be very long if the earache is gone by the time the results come in. Seems like the infection isn’t so serious then.

Nancy Evans - Poor baby! Hope the earache goes away fast! That baby has the prettiest blue eyes, lovely.

Dear Seagate – Grapes or Grape Seed Extract?

Every week we will be posting anonymous questions from our customers. Everything from correct dosage, to our farming methods, and much more. Dear Seagate How does taking your grape seed extract differ from putting seeded grapes in a smoothie? Thank you, Jessie Dear Jessie, If you can get the seeded grapes, we always encourage that […]

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Nancy Evans - I have heard of the benefits of grape seed extract but I have never been a fan of eating grape seeds directly. they leave such a strong bitter taste in the mouth that lasts for some time. These pills sound like a better option.

Lauren - It makes sense that capsule form would be more concentrated since when eating grapes involves eating the seed shell and other excess materials. I wonder how well the body absorbs it though?

Trayvon - That’s a great deal… I am always making smoothies and love adding new supplements. I’ve never tried grape seed extract but it looks like it has many benefits from what I’m seeing in the review section.

Sammy Largo - Seagate what is grape seed extract primarily used for? I don’t see much detail on the product page and have never heard of what grape seed extract is used for. I’ll just google it …

Richard (Founder) - Grape Seed Extract is a wonderful antioxidant that helps your body in numerous ways.