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The Healing Powers of Olive Leaves

Although olive leaf extract may sound like some kind of new age alternative medicine, it has actually been used to treat a variety of ailments since Biblical times.  Ancient Egyptians had the first recorded use of olive leaves over 5,000 years ago for the preservation of their mummies. They found that by wrapping the mummies […]

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Sally Bartle - Great information. I take your olive leaf capsules, think I’ll try your tea, too.

Shirley R. - I do enjoy sipping tea almost everyday – helps me find time to sit back and relax especially in the evening. Sometimes I even light candles. I’ll add this to my collection of flavors.

Lauren - I am a tea snob too. I’ve actually tried Seagate’s olive tea and think it’s delicious plus it has helped me get over sickness. Love it!

Trayvon - That’s some impressive history. It must have astounding qualities if it was used for preventing decomposition of the body. Too bad the experiments didn’t fare so well!

Kat Braza - There’s a buy one get one free deal now from Seagate. Awesome. I have heard about the healing qualities of olive leaves before but never got around to finding a product to buy. This is a great deal and I loved the history you added to this post! 🙂

riazigmans@hotmail.com - love the products helps my sniffles and sinus problems.

Dear Seagate – How Much Nopal…is in Nopal?

Every week we will be posting anonymous questions from our customers. Everything from correct dosage, to our farming methods, and much more. Following up with last week’s Dear Seagate about Nopal cactus, we had another interesting question come in that should be shared with all… Dear Seagate I bought  a cactus leaf (ear?) at the […]

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rob - wow, 3-5% yield. that’s a lot of nopal leaves for making powder! agreed that the powder would have more impact since it does not have water as a filler like the actual nopal leave does.

sarahluvzveggies - i love nopales, i make them all the time with my breakfast. i didn’t know they can have such a positive impact on health. i’ll let my parents know because they’ve had probs with their blood pressure.

Sammy Largo - It’s probably best to try both options separately so you can determine what works and rule out what doesn’t. Then you won’t have to keep buying both. I’m assuming Seagate’s product is going to be more effective, would like to hear the results!

todd the toad - Nopal? I’ve never even heard of it! I found the item listed in the product section though and I have seen nopal leaves at the store but have never prepared it before. Not sure what the taste is like? Googling…

Champagne France, fungicide and pesticide spraying

The Champagne region of France is a beautiful part of the world, known for their pastoral settings, vineyards and champagne production.  Due to international trademarks, this is the only part of the world with the right to apply the name champagne to their wine.   The grapevine photograph above was taken on July 6, when […]

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Sally Bartle - Although wine and champagne give me a headache, I occasionally do like a glass of champagne. Why do some people get headaches and others don’t? That is no longer of importance to me for I won’t be drinking either one. Thanks for posting this.

Fifty Percent of Fungi to Fight

About half of fungi are harmful to the human body, so you have a 50/50 chance of being okay in their presence. When you think about it, those odds aren’t exactly comforting. Feel free to blame fungi if you’ve ever had athlete’s foot, a yeast infection, or a toenail infection. Since fungus is inherently organic […]

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Sally Bartle - Thanks for your healthy products to keep us fungal free!

Fridays’ Farm Fact – Crop Rotation is Essential to Organic Farming

Whether you’re running large-scale organic farm or growing a tiny organic garden in your backyard, everything seems to revolve around crop rotation. Believe it or not, crop rotation is more than just switching out what you plant from year to year. Crop rotation is a systematic approach to deciding which plants will thrive best in […]

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Sally Bartle - Companion planting, intercropping, is the way to go. Trying to plant an organic garden is not so easy. I always had trouble with fungus killing a lot of my plants here is southeast Louisiana. Got any ideas? Crop rotation in different areas can work if you have lots of space, which I don’t. Have you heard about using d-limonene on plants?

Dear Seagate – Digestion and Nopal Cactus

Every week we will be posting anonymous questions from our customers. Everything from correct dosage, to our farming methods, and much more. Dear Seagate I bought Nopal Cactus. I’m on my second bottle and I need to know if I can take this anytime or just before meals? I sometime forget to take them early […]

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Sally Bartle - Besides “loosening stools”, I take it because it absorbs sugar and fungus in the gut, as well as cleaning out the intestinal walls. Due to the fact that fungus makes you fat, just ask Doug Kaufmann, it is great if you are on a weight loss diet as well as a healthy diet! What else can do all that??? I need to order more, pronto!

Pat - Have used this and it is a great fiber and well worth trying.Just be sure to drink plenty of water and take prior to eating to give a feeling of fullness.I totally agree with the post about fungus.

Boosting Your Brain Power with Omega-3

Believe it or not, your body needs things that it can’t produce itself. Therefore, it’s up to you, and only you, to incorporate them into your daily diet. Omega-3 fatty acids are one of those things, and the ideal food sources to get them from are fatty fishes, flaxseeds, and nuts. But as you may […]

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Debra Privett - I love Seagate I feel like I can always trust them.

Pat - Omega 3s are so vital to our every day health..sardines and flax seed oil or just flax seeds are a tremendous source..easy to incorporate into our diets.Lets try to stop inflammation, boost our immunity and prevent illness!!!

tiffany elkins - we try hard to do the fish oil, but go in spurts unfortunately, however flax seed (I know not a lot) and nuts are regularly in our diet 🙂

julie - I’m vegan, so fish oil is out. I’m also sensitive to flaxseed. I currently rely on avocado and walnuts for omega 3. Any other supplements out there for vegans with food sensitivities?

Richard (Founder) - Hi Julie- Both of our Omega-3 products are fish-based and not for vegans — Shark Liver Oil and Marine Protein (from sardines). We do have good vegetable freeze-dried concentrates at Seagate that would be good for vegans with sensitivities — carrot, garlic, broccoli, tomato etc. However, these do not contain omega-3s.

Richard (Founder) - Seagate replies
Hi Julie — Have you tried the olive oil caps?

Friday’s Farm Fact

Did you know: “Before World War II, all crops were organic. It was only afterward that farms used new, synthetic pesticides and chemicals to minimize weed, insects, and rodent damage.” Posted in Reader’s Digest, read more here.

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Sally Bartle - Good article, but I totally disagree that low fat nonorganic milk is as good as organic milk due to the fact that it has less estrogen in it!? What about antibiotics and growth hormone and god knows what else has been fed to the cows!

Beneficial Dietary Supplements for the Elderly

For elderly citizens living on their own, it can be difficult getting proper nutrition. Poor nutrition and a lack of eating are common problems among senior citizens, especially ones who don’t have friends or family available to help assist them with grocery shopping and cooking. Older people tend to have smaller appetites and only eat […]

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Pat - As we age our needs for certain, specific vitamins. mineral and supplements change and our eating habits tend to make getting these supplements difficult.Many supplemental items can help to prevent disease and maintain health when taken regularly.Products that we can obtain at Seagate are of high quality and at a good price point.And can be ordered on an auto delivery program to make sure that skipping a dose is never a problem.