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Staying Healthy, the Natural and Affordable Way

If you’ve sat in an urgent care waiting room lately, you’ve probably noticed two distinct types of worry on patients’ faces: what’s my diagnosis and how much will it cost me? Flip on the news any day of the week and you’ll hear politicians arguing about health care reform. However, these noisy debates depersonalize the […]

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Lauren - Can you do an article about how to introduce healthy eating to the family? I grew up on processed foods with my mom but when I moved out for college I started cooking for myself I found I much more preferred to nibble on carrots instead of chips! When I moved back with my family I tried introducing healthy eating but it’s like pulling teeth!

Sammy Largo - Or find a local urban farm and get the hook ups 😉 I agree about the raw materials coming from the supplement company, that’s why I like Seagate and have been a faithful customer. I like knowing where the ingredients come from!

sarahluvzveggies - lauren, i think a good thing is to try to explain to your mom why eating healthy is ideal and emphasize that it is for her own wellbeing too as well as anyone who is in the home. try to not diss her cooking because that won’t go well, just show that you care and want the best for everyone.

todd the toad - i do like to much on chips every now and then, can you blame me…? lol yeah that’s no excuse, i know, i know. my girlfriend picks up veggie chips when she goes to the store which is ok. we have even made our own potato chips before which are awesome.

Friday’s Farm Fact – Urban Farming: Not Just an Urban Legend

There are at least 61,777 residential and community gardens that are part of the “urban farming global food chain.” Urban farming is doing more than just providing city folk with a way to grow their own salads. Today’s version of urban farming establishes organic gardens in vacant lots and unused spaces to grow crops for […]

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rob - love the urban farming post. i have watched various youtube on urban farming projects and it’s impressive to see. i’m checking out these groups to see how i can help initiate a project in my community because there is nothing going on.

Shirley R. - My grand kids are a part of a gardening group at their school and they love it. They’ve been able to contribute because of little tricks I’ve taught them 🙂 I am very proud of their efforts, I love my little gardeners!

sarahluvzveggies - i don’t really live in an urban area but i am a part of a gardening initiative. actually this group does lots of things but growing food and maintaining the site’s property is one of the primary projects. they ask for people to volunteer which i think is cool because you get to learn something in return. some volunteers started off knowing nothing, now they’re practically pros.

Ralf - That sounds like a great thing to support especially if it beautifies the land. I don’t like looking at open lots with trash and dead plants so why not look at something green? Plus it provides food. Makes sense!

Why Lemons Are More than Iced Tea Garnishes

When’s the last time you actually ate that slice of lemon perched on the side of your glass of water or iced tea? Lemons have somehow gotten a reputation of being pretty to look at but irrelevant to eat. But in spite of their role in the restaurant industry, lemons boast of more health benefits […]

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Sally Bartle - Citrus peel is loaded with d-limonene which IMO makes lemons an extremely healthy choice. I took a d-limonene supplement to “cure” heartburn which I had for at least 10 years. Been heartburn free for nearly 5 years. That is just one of it’s benefits. I highly recommend it!

Tiffany Elkins - Love Love Love Lemons, our kids will even just cut one in slices and eat them 🙂

John - We have a lemon tree in our yard, so we are very luck to have lemons when we want them. For those that don’t I would recommend supplements! They are much cheaper than buying whole lemons!

julie - I love eating raw lemon (rinds and all), but stopped because of conflicting reports about its damaging effects on organs. I’m currently trying to lower AST/ALT levels in liver and have read that lemons are good for liver detoxification and then other articles contradicting that very same notion. Help?!

Richard (Founder) - Hi Julie – A lot of the negatives that we find on the internet concerning natural food products are put up by competing interests such as the medical and pharmaceutical industries. How scary it would be for them if people could eat the right foods, exercise regularly, and stay healthy. We have not seen anything that is objective in its criticism of using the lemon for detox. In addition, two other good detox products to consider are the Seaweed and Nopal Cactus.

Trading Diet Pills for Nopal Cactus

As you’ve probably realized by now, there’s no such thing as a magic diet pill that will instantly give you a beach model’s body. You can try every infomercial diet and read weight loss books until you go cross-eyed, but it always comes down to eating sensibly and exercising enough. Now before you get discouraged […]

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Maria C Rodriguez - Very useful info thanks

pat - As a retired health care professional and a certified Personal trainer..I know and believe that there is no magic pill or answer to weight loss but I do believe that with a good healthy diet and supplementation of fiber..psyillium and products like Nopal..one can lose weight by feeling full faster and it is good for the health of the colon.I have taken the Nopal capsules and have found them to be beneficial.Fiber is great for heart health as well..a product worth trying!!

Sally Bartle - I do get tired of popping pills. Think I’ll mix it in my full fat organic yogurt and smoothies. Thanks for the tip!

tiffany elkins - I want to thank you for all of your hard work. We need to enrich our bodies with healthy things like the cactus rather then man made junk that only causes our bodies harm.I saw you and your daughter on know the cause, I am new to your site and am loving it. Just placed my first order today 🙂

Jolinda Menne - Enjoy listening to you on “Know the Cause” and getting ready to order some of your products now. Thank you for your knowledge and work for our good health. Have a blessed day!

Blessings, Jolinda Menne

The Healing Powers of Olive Leaves

Although olive leaf extract may sound like some kind of new age alternative medicine, it has actually been used to treat a variety of ailments since Biblical times.  Ancient Egyptians had the first recorded use of olive leaves over 5,000 years ago for the preservation of their mummies. They found that by wrapping the mummies […]

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Sally Bartle - Great information. I take your olive leaf capsules, think I’ll try your tea, too.

Shirley R. - I do enjoy sipping tea almost everyday – helps me find time to sit back and relax especially in the evening. Sometimes I even light candles. I’ll add this to my collection of flavors.

Lauren - I am a tea snob too. I’ve actually tried Seagate’s olive tea and think it’s delicious plus it has helped me get over sickness. Love it!

Trayvon - That’s some impressive history. It must have astounding qualities if it was used for preventing decomposition of the body. Too bad the experiments didn’t fare so well!

Kat Braza - There’s a buy one get one free deal now from Seagate. Awesome. I have heard about the healing qualities of olive leaves before but never got around to finding a product to buy. This is a great deal and I loved the history you added to this post! 🙂

riazigmans@hotmail.com - love the products helps my sniffles and sinus problems.

Dear Seagate – How Much Nopal…is in Nopal?

Every week we will be posting anonymous questions from our customers. Everything from correct dosage, to our farming methods, and much more. Following up with last week’s Dear Seagate about Nopal cactus, we had another interesting question come in that should be shared with all… Dear Seagate I bought  a cactus leaf (ear?) at the […]

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rob - wow, 3-5% yield. that’s a lot of nopal leaves for making powder! agreed that the powder would have more impact since it does not have water as a filler like the actual nopal leave does.

sarahluvzveggies - i love nopales, i make them all the time with my breakfast. i didn’t know they can have such a positive impact on health. i’ll let my parents know because they’ve had probs with their blood pressure.

Sammy Largo - It’s probably best to try both options separately so you can determine what works and rule out what doesn’t. Then you won’t have to keep buying both. I’m assuming Seagate’s product is going to be more effective, would like to hear the results!

todd the toad - Nopal? I’ve never even heard of it! I found the item listed in the product section though and I have seen nopal leaves at the store but have never prepared it before. Not sure what the taste is like? Googling…

Champagne France, fungicide and pesticide spraying

The Champagne region of France is a beautiful part of the world, known for their pastoral settings, vineyards and champagne production.  Due to international trademarks, this is the only part of the world with the right to apply the name champagne to their wine.   The grapevine photograph above was taken on July 6, when […]

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Sally Bartle - Although wine and champagne give me a headache, I occasionally do like a glass of champagne. Why do some people get headaches and others don’t? That is no longer of importance to me for I won’t be drinking either one. Thanks for posting this.

Fifty Percent of Fungi to Fight

About half of fungi are harmful to the human body, so you have a 50/50 chance of being okay in their presence. When you think about it, those odds aren’t exactly comforting. Feel free to blame fungi if you’ve ever had athlete’s foot, a yeast infection, or a toenail infection. Since fungus is inherently organic […]

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Sally Bartle - Thanks for your healthy products to keep us fungal free!

Fridays’ Farm Fact – Crop Rotation is Essential to Organic Farming

Whether you’re running large-scale organic farm or growing a tiny organic garden in your backyard, everything seems to revolve around crop rotation. Believe it or not, crop rotation is more than just switching out what you plant from year to year. Crop rotation is a systematic approach to deciding which plants will thrive best in […]

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Sally Bartle - Companion planting, intercropping, is the way to go. Trying to plant an organic garden is not so easy. I always had trouble with fungus killing a lot of my plants here is southeast Louisiana. Got any ideas? Crop rotation in different areas can work if you have lots of space, which I don’t. Have you heard about using d-limonene on plants?

Dear Seagate – Digestion and Nopal Cactus

Every week we will be posting anonymous questions from our customers. Everything from correct dosage, to our farming methods, and much more. Dear Seagate I bought Nopal Cactus. I’m on my second bottle and I need to know if I can take this anytime or just before meals? I sometime forget to take them early […]

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Sally Bartle - Besides “loosening stools”, I take it because it absorbs sugar and fungus in the gut, as well as cleaning out the intestinal walls. Due to the fact that fungus makes you fat, just ask Doug Kaufmann, it is great if you are on a weight loss diet as well as a healthy diet! What else can do all that??? I need to order more, pronto!

Pat - Have used this and it is a great fiber and well worth trying.Just be sure to drink plenty of water and take prior to eating to give a feeling of fullness.I totally agree with the post about fungus.