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Giveaway – July

It’s July and it is time for another one of the revered Seagate Giveaways! This month we are giving away 30 of our vintage Seagate T-shirts. Designed in the 90’s, including our first and original mascot…The Carrot Shark! Here’s how to enter: Click around on our blog and read a few of your favorite health […]

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Maria Rodriguez - Love the company, products are quality items

Donna Jackson - Olive Leaf is the greatest. I have been taking it for over 10 years and I have not been sick. It also is ideal for wellbeing. I love this stuff!


Suzanne Shaw - Love the products! Try the Day and Night skin care system……Wonderful!

Brenda - Love Seagate Products, and also listen to Doug Kaufman everyday and also see Richard Lentz on the program. Love you products…

Homeopathic Medicines

Compared to modern pharmaceuticals, homeopathic medicines are non-toxic, have no adverse side-effects, and are safe for adults and children.  Homeopathics remedies use very dilute potencies of natural phytochemicals that are extracted from plants following a rigorous methodology outlined in the U.S. Homeopathic Pharmacopoeia. Self care with homeopathy for moderate short-term illnesses and injuries can be […]

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Suzanne Shaw - I love Homeopathic Medicine. It is so gentle on the system.

Brenda Brodmerkle - I use Homeopathy Products and suggest them to my clients. They are great to use.

Debra Privett - I think we should go back 200 years and start over. Homeopathic is a better way to go. Seagate throat spray is what I always reach for and I always get better.

Maria Rodriguez - I think Homeopathic Medicine offers the best remedy for any of your ailments, and Seagate Products are on the top of my list.

Richard (Founder) - Thanks Maria! Our Homeopathics are very potent.

Elizabeth Knepp - I use sea gate products all the time,throat spray, nose spray, olive leaf extract,also olive leaf tea, and grape seed extract. . It really helps me in many ways, wouldn’t be without it

Richard (Founder) - Thank you Elizabeth. We appreciate the support.

The Many Uses for Raw Grape Seeds

Although raw grape seeds used to only be known for their skin enhancing properties in facial creams, there are many other uses for these tiny powerhouses. It’s a well-accepted fact that pure grape juices can boost heart health, however unwanted calories and sugar tends to tag along in juice bottles. Recent studies have shown that […]

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Debra Privett - I did not know Grape seed was good for scalp and hair follicles.

Sally Bartle - I buy your grape seed product. Thanks for not spraying it with harmful chemicals! It is useful for a plethora of health issues.

The Positive Side of Bacteria

Bacteria are bad for the human body, right? Well, not exactly. Forget about your mother’s lectures for a moment and consider what a vital component bacterium is in your body. Just as the natural environments around our world are interconnected, your body is a complex ecosystem (a social network, if you will) with trillions of bacteria and […]

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Pat - There is indeed a positive side to bacteria.There are good bacteria and bad, harmful bacteria.When we try to rid our bodies of the bad bacteria we often times use medications and products that unfortunately take with it the good bacteria.There needs to be a synergy..a balance between the bacterias to allow the body to keep inflammation at a minimum so that diseases do not occur that wreak havoc on our health.I use Olive leaf Extract and probiotics to get the balance I need.I forego flu shots and take minimal antibiotics to help maintain and prevent.If we understand the roles of bacteria..and have knowledge of supplementation we do not have to introduce medications into our blood streams ..we can keep that balance and let the good bacteria take care of the bad bacteria.

Sally Bartle - How can you get someone to listen and understand when you try to explain to them that most of their health issues are caused from and unbalanced gut? I even offered to loan a friend my books from Doug Kaufmann and she said no thanks. She recently had her appendix removed and shortly after ended up with pneumonia. She also has lupus. Obviously, what she has been doing, listening to her doctors and taking many different drugs, is not working. I try not to come on too strong, as my son tells me I do, but it is so difficult to see people suffering when they can get well if they make some changes in their diet and use supplements instead of drugs.

Avoiding Pharmaceuticals for Treating Colds

Over 4 billion prescriptions were written in the U.S. last year.  The total annual cost of these prescriptions to the American public in 2012, according to the NY Times, was $325.7 billion.  This cost could have been much higher were it not for the generic drug sales, which account for 84% of all prescriptions. The […]

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Pat - As kids we always were immediately given antibiotics for colds, flu etc.If you didn’t get a penicillin shot..it seemed that you just wouldn’t get better.Drug company reps are regular visitors to doctor offices.Sadly.Just give a pill..a potion..but hey, that cold may just be a virus and not an infectious disease or disorder.So that antibiotic capsule, that potion may just be setting up a secondary disease..again..getting rid of the good bacteria.
Stop the viruses in their track! Take Seagate products..prevent and maintain…be a smart and informed consumer..check the web site! Try a bottle of just one product..
avoid prescription drugs unless they are vital to ones well being!

Elena Vo - Sleep and rest are one of the most important ways for me to stay healthy. When I’m fully rested, I tend to make better choices about food/ exercise/ work loads on that particular day, and I completely agree it helps to ward off colds and other respiratory infections.

Lori Lemke - I use a host of natural remedies for a plethora of ailments. I haven’t bought and prescription or OTC medication in many years. In addition to my essential oil and netti pot are several Seagate products!

Escaping the Dreaded Summertime Flu

Honestly, what could be more unfair than catching a cold in the summertime? Unfortunately, warmer temperatures don’t make you immune to cold and flu germs that can affect your body any time of the year. Although there is no solitary “cold and flu season,” there are over 200 viruses that affect the body differently. And […]

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Debra Privett - I love the Olive Leaf, the nasal spray and the throat spray when I am sick. When I start getting sick I take 9 Olive Leaf a day and feel better in a couple of days.

Maria Rodriguez - I use the beta glucan / carrot, Olive leaf nasal spray and throat spray. Love your company products

Friday’s Farm Fact

Did you think that growing vegetables organically is easy? The soil is healthy, the plants are strong and the fertilizer is pure and nutritious. However, the hard work on an organic farm is controlling weeds without the use of  herbicides.  Monsanto and friends are not allowed to visit.  The result is that the weeds are […]

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