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Rediscover Your Youth with Freshly-Baked Bread

Few smells in life are more reminiscent than freshly-baked bread. Take a moment and try to recall what place the comforting and nourishing scent of fresh bread reminds you of. Perhaps your grandmother pulled out her bread-maker every time you came over to visit, and even let you pick out the ingredients for her loaves. […]

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Lauren - To be honest I have never really had freshly baked bread… My parents always bought bread from commercial grocery stores. Sounds like I’m missing out :/

Kat Braza - Is this a cheaper way for gluten-free? Gluten-free bread costs an arm and a leg for a smaller loaf!

Trayvon - Yes Kat, making your own gluten-free bread would be cheaper and could be made to your liking. I know gluten-free bread from the store don’t taste great!

sarahluvzveggies - same here lauren – never really ate freshly baked bread. i went to a local farmers market recently in my area and there was a vendor that had quite a selection of breads. that may be an ideal place to go.

Look Younger with Food on Your Face!

Young people want to look older, and old people want to look younger. It’s one of life’s fateful ironies, and there’s a million different anti-aging products on the market that play into your deepest insecurities. Consumerism aside, you’ve got only one outer layer of skin to show to the world, so you’d better take care […]

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Lauren - One of the best mental tricks I’ve done to improve my diet is to tell myself that fruit is dessert! I now indeed believe it so because I am frequently in awe of how sweet fruit is. Skip the ice cream, pass the strawberries!

Shirley R. - It’s much easier to take these ingredients in a pill where they are combined rather than seeking out each ingredient!

Kat Braza - Skin rejuvenation is something I’ve told myself to look into but keep putting off lol Omega-3 shark liver oil, wow. How does this compare to Olay?

rob - i’m right there with you kat – not only for my wife but for me as well! i would rather use natural ingredients than synthetic options.

Richard (Founder) - Kat – definitely research the products you use on a daily basis. You may be surprised at what they are made of!

Abby - Your eyes are the window to your soul.

A lot of similar products and methods are available.

It took me some time and a lot of testing to find the perfect product.

Read about my own experience.


Friday Farm Fact: Many Organic Foods Contain Non-organic Food Ingredients

So you’ve committed to buying organic food whenever you can…that’s great! But did you know that many processed foods that are labeled as “organic” actually contain non-organic ingredients? Organizations like the Soil Association Certification dictate that at least 95% of the ingredients in foods labeled as “organic” must come from organically-produced animals and plants. But […]

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Lauren - Thanks for the links. I know there is a lot of hear-say about organic produce at commercial stores being hardly different from regular produce.

rob - yea i question how food sold in mass quantities at stores can be truly organic since so much is on the line in making profit. can’t have a whole crop go to waste!

saraluvsveggies - i’ve started growing my veggies and i have researched methods to protect the plants without using traditional pesticides bought at the store and so far it’s worked out great. i just want to grow more!

Nancy Evans - Interesting that certain products are labeled as organic simply because there are no means to grow them organically! I would think they wouldn’t use a label at all if they are not organic?

Richard (Founder) - I know – isn’t Organic farming great!

Richard (Founder) - Organic has become a very abused word in this industry. You really don’t have to pass any lab-testing of your products to get “certified organic”. The key is to prove that during the last 3 years the land did not use any chemical fertilizers or pesticides. So being too close to a neighboring farm that is spraying their land or using water that might have contamination to irrigate your crops, would not count against you for organic certification. At Seagate we make sure the product itself is clean … and we do not have any neighboring farms. Our water supply is from well-water which is the underground flow of water from the nearby Sierra mountains.

The Art of Combining Supplements with Healthy Foods

Contrary to popular belief, adding supplements to your diet doesn’t give you the green light to stop eating healthy. In fact, some all-natural supplements have actually proven to be more effective when combined with fresh foods. The results of such a scientific study were published in a prominent medical journal a couple years ago in […]

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Lauren - Yes powder form would be absorbed by the body more easily than the actual broccoli although I love its taste and texture 🙂

Kat Braza - I am seeking supplements for my daughter who is lactose intolerant to make sure her body is receiving the nutrients it needs. I like that Seagate’s ingredients are organically derived.

Trayvon - Hmm, new supplement to add to my smoothies? I’m assuming the fruit will compliment the flavor.

Shirley R. - I hope you find the right supplements for your daughter Kat! No one in my family has illness but I have decided to educate my granddaughters more about health after raising my kids with poor health conscience.

Justifying Your Chocolate Desert, the All-Natural Way

There are very few people in this world who don’t have a soft spot in their hearts for chocolate. Ancient Aztecs believed chocolate was godly, early Europeans believed chocolate was a medicine, and we believe chocolate is romantic. Right before Valentine’s Day every year, some scientific group publishes a study about how chocolate has shown […]

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Lauren - That sounds good! I am a sucker for chocolate but yes most chocolates available at commercial stores are not ideal and we tend to add them to junk food like ice cream.

Shirley R. - My granddaughters love pomegranate. I will try this recipe the next time they visit and tell them about the anti-oxidant properties.

Trayvon - Another supplement to add to my smoothies yea buddy! I’ve never put chocolate in it tho- something new to try. Does Seagate have other anti-oxidants?

rob - i hear you shirley. my kids grew up on mac & cheese, white rice, hamburger helper. i’ve started taking more interest in healthier options and have shared it with my kids but they don’t have an open ear since they’re so busy. that’s good you have began reaching out to your family.

Richard (Founder) - Hello Trayvon – Every vegetable based product that Seagate grows — Olive leaf, carrots, broccoli, tomatoes, garlic, pomegranates, grapes, artichoke, lemon (to name a few) are all rich anti-oxidants. The strongest individual antioxidant product that we produce is Grape Seed Extract. Actually Nature produces it, we are careful to try and maintain the levels that Nature has provided.

Friday’s Farm Fact – GMO: The Dirtiest Word in Agriculture

GMO might only be three letters, but it’s become the latest dirty word in many people’s vocabulary. GMOs, or genetically modified organisms, have infiltrated much of the food supply in the United States and they’re harder to avoid than you’d think. Genetic engineering has become standard practice on many agricultural farms, meaning that the foods […]

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Lauren - It is amazing to think about how our food supply has grown and met demand due to GMO implementation. I question what the size of our population would be without GMOs.

rob - soybeans are also unique in their connection to plastic production! they have such versatile properties but I was not aware that they are so modified…

sarahluvsveggies - good for you Seagate for taking the natural route for your products. i am composing a list of organic farms and am adding you to the list. i look forward to hearing more from you.

Trayvon - I’d like to learn more about Seagate’s farm and their methods of harvesting crops. Are there youtube videos about it? I see the owner Richard is pretty active!

Richard (Founder) - Seagate replies
Hi Trayvon — Here is the link to some of our videos.

Dog Joint Health

Joint problems in dogs have become very common in the U.S.  Joint problems are  the result of either degenerative or developmental problems. Developmental causes of joint issues begin early in a dog’s life when the joint does not correctly form. The most common developmental issue is hip dysplasia, where the ball joint in the dog’s […]

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Trayvon - That sounds like quite a process to take a dog to a vet for x-rays! I have met people who were incredible dog lovers though and would go the distance no matter what.

Lauren - It is so hard to see an animal in pain. I would go the full distance to the best that I could Trayvon. Giving the dog fish oil and shark cartilage sounds like a great option.

Shirley R. - Is the fish oil in pill form and mixed with the dog food? Are there other supplement forms than pills to give dogs? My daughter has a dog that has had everyone questioning how he is feeling.

rob - i love my mutt husky. i take him out everyday to make sure he gets active time so he’s in pretty good health. if i don’t take him out he goes nuts.

Richard (Founder) - Hi Shirley, we actually have a supplement that dogs really love – our Pet Joint Care. It is in capsule form but it is also easy to open them up and mix.

Marcia Harkov - Thank you for your products. I first learned of your products on Know The Cause and this all makes ‘God’ sense. Our dog, a Golden Retreiver who we adopted from Golden Retreiver Rescue, is approx. 9 years old and is suddenly showing signs of his L back leg ‘shaking’ once in a while, more often when standing but very occasionally laying down. I was wondering if your Joint Product would be helpful for this. (we have not taken him to the Vet yet as I wanted to discuss with you about your Pet
Joint Product)and want to know if this would help. Thank you so much

Richard (Founder) - Hello Marcia – Having had 29 continuous years of having Old English Sheepdogs, I can tell you from experience that there can be different causes for the shaking. It may be joint-relate3d, or nerve related, or even the muscle weakening and twitching. A lot of these problems are common in the purebred dogs, caused by so much inbreeding, especially these larger breeds which are almost always have some form of hip dysplasia. The process of standing up or lying down for a larger dog that may have hip dysplasia is very painful. Being a “pack-animal” their instinct is to survive and not show their weakness to the rest of the pack. So you may not hear them complain, but just see the physical results of their suffering.

A good veterinarian could tell you the likely cause of this “shaking”. Not knowing the cause, it is hard to recommend a solution. However, the Pet Joint Care is not expensive and has helped a lot of dogs with similar problems. So it is probably worth a try. I hope this helps. Thank you — Seagate Customer Service

huey fern - Can Seagate shark cartilage for pets use for long term? I have just started my 10 years old mini schnauzer who has joint issues. How long should she be on this product? Should I start my 7 year old mini schnauzer on this as well on maintenance or only start when she has joint issues? Any side effects to watch on? Kindly advise.

Richard (Founder) - Hi Huey,
You can use it long term without a problem. We used the shark cartilage on our Old English Sheep Dog during her last 3 years, from 13-15 years of age when she was having her “joint issues”. Since it is food and not a medicine, there is no problem. It is also a good source of minerals (calcium and phosphorus). It helped her get through those final years with a minimal amount of suffering. Regarding the younger dog, there are two schools of thought, both are valid. Some people do give their middle-aged dogs the shark cartilage as a preventative. It won’t hurt them and likely is doing some help. I tend to wait until the dog really needs it. However, what I do use now on our younger dog is the Shark Liver Oil. It has many of the same properties as the shark cartilage. In addition, the omega-3s are good for its coat and diet. We now have a small 10 lb. dog, under a year old. I give it one a day of the shark liver oil. Hope this helps.

Staying Healthy, the Natural and Affordable Way

If you’ve sat in an urgent care waiting room lately, you’ve probably noticed two distinct types of worry on patients’ faces: what’s my diagnosis and how much will it cost me? Flip on the news any day of the week and you’ll hear politicians arguing about health care reform. However, these noisy debates depersonalize the […]

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Lauren - Can you do an article about how to introduce healthy eating to the family? I grew up on processed foods with my mom but when I moved out for college I started cooking for myself I found I much more preferred to nibble on carrots instead of chips! When I moved back with my family I tried introducing healthy eating but it’s like pulling teeth!

Sammy Largo - Or find a local urban farm and get the hook ups 😉 I agree about the raw materials coming from the supplement company, that’s why I like Seagate and have been a faithful customer. I like knowing where the ingredients come from!

sarahluvzveggies - lauren, i think a good thing is to try to explain to your mom why eating healthy is ideal and emphasize that it is for her own wellbeing too as well as anyone who is in the home. try to not diss her cooking because that won’t go well, just show that you care and want the best for everyone.

todd the toad - i do like to much on chips every now and then, can you blame me…? lol yeah that’s no excuse, i know, i know. my girlfriend picks up veggie chips when she goes to the store which is ok. we have even made our own potato chips before which are awesome.

Friday’s Farm Fact – Urban Farming: Not Just an Urban Legend

There are at least 61,777 residential and community gardens that are part of the “urban farming global food chain.” Urban farming is doing more than just providing city folk with a way to grow their own salads. Today’s version of urban farming establishes organic gardens in vacant lots and unused spaces to grow crops for […]

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rob - love the urban farming post. i have watched various youtube on urban farming projects and it’s impressive to see. i’m checking out these groups to see how i can help initiate a project in my community because there is nothing going on.

Shirley R. - My grand kids are a part of a gardening group at their school and they love it. They’ve been able to contribute because of little tricks I’ve taught them 🙂 I am very proud of their efforts, I love my little gardeners!

sarahluvzveggies - i don’t really live in an urban area but i am a part of a gardening initiative. actually this group does lots of things but growing food and maintaining the site’s property is one of the primary projects. they ask for people to volunteer which i think is cool because you get to learn something in return. some volunteers started off knowing nothing, now they’re practically pros.

Ralf - That sounds like a great thing to support especially if it beautifies the land. I don’t like looking at open lots with trash and dead plants so why not look at something green? Plus it provides food. Makes sense!

Why Lemons Are More than Iced Tea Garnishes

When’s the last time you actually ate that slice of lemon perched on the side of your glass of water or iced tea? Lemons have somehow gotten a reputation of being pretty to look at but irrelevant to eat. But in spite of their role in the restaurant industry, lemons boast of more health benefits […]

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Sally Bartle - Citrus peel is loaded with d-limonene which IMO makes lemons an extremely healthy choice. I took a d-limonene supplement to “cure” heartburn which I had for at least 10 years. Been heartburn free for nearly 5 years. That is just one of it’s benefits. I highly recommend it!

Tiffany Elkins - Love Love Love Lemons, our kids will even just cut one in slices and eat them 🙂

John - We have a lemon tree in our yard, so we are very luck to have lemons when we want them. For those that don’t I would recommend supplements! They are much cheaper than buying whole lemons!

julie - I love eating raw lemon (rinds and all), but stopped because of conflicting reports about its damaging effects on organs. I’m currently trying to lower AST/ALT levels in liver and have read that lemons are good for liver detoxification and then other articles contradicting that very same notion. Help?!

Richard (Founder) - Hi Julie – A lot of the negatives that we find on the internet concerning natural food products are put up by competing interests such as the medical and pharmaceutical industries. How scary it would be for them if people could eat the right foods, exercise regularly, and stay healthy. We have not seen anything that is objective in its criticism of using the lemon for detox. In addition, two other good detox products to consider are the Seaweed and Nopal Cactus.