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Natural Relief for the Feminine Itch

Just because at least three out of every four women have experienced a yeast infection doesn’t make the condition any less uncomfortable or less embarrassing. Yeast isn’t just in your bread or your beer; it’s in and on your body too! Yeast thrives on moisture, so it tends to grow best in your mouth, intestines, […]

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Lauren - Nothing wrong with covering a sensitive topic hehe! I know this is a common problem and it does seem that it should be easily dealt with without having to turn to a doc for prescriptions.

Sammy Largo - Men deal with yeast infections too? Where…? 😉 The Seagate spray sounds like an easy way to deal with it. A bit more clean than applying yogurt.

Kat Braza - The vag spray does 200 sprays – that’s a decent amount that will last some time. Why spend a few bucks on yogurt that will get all over the place when this can be sprayed? Agreed Sammy!

Trayvon - I just saw this girl I like a lot the other day and she has had this disgusting discharge that I’m a little embarrassed to bring up but she’s cool and I want to make sure she gets it taken care of. I’m going to forward her this blog.

sarahluvzveggies - i think it is important to see a gynecologist according to recommendations and make sure symptoms are due to something more than a yeast infection. but yes be persistent when asking about natural alternatives, don’t settle with antibiotics are best.

Dear Seagate – What can I do about acne?

Every week we will be posting anonymous questions from our customers. Everything from correct dosage, to our farming methods, and much more. Dear Seagate My lady friend has bad acne on her face and she says it hurts, which of your products would possibly give her some relief? Thank you, Swenson Dear Swenson, If her […]

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Kat Braza - These sound like great alternatives to try. I’m in my mid-20s and still have acne. Throughout my teen years I thought it would go away since acne is associated with pre-20s but I still have it. I am more interested in natural alternatives.

Trayvon - Same here Kat – pizza face! I had acne worse in high school but I still have consistent break outs. I did Proactive for a while but it was pretty expensive and didn’t bring in great results.

sarahluvzveggies - i use the acne remedy and have seen great results from it. plus it doesn’t have a chemical odor like other remedies have that can be purchased over the counter.

Ralf - sounds like another great christmas gift for my gf haha. yea she is really going to love this for a gift. i’ll just put it in her bathroom and wait for her to find it.

Maria - This is great info, I am in my 50’s and still get the occasional acne. Sometimes they appear on my back and are very painful, but since I read this article I put it to the test. Results are amazing…

Natural Sunburn Treatments to Protect Your Skin

For people around the world, summertime is synonymous with sunburns. And although you probably don’t run to the doctor every time your skin turns red, sunburns are a serious matter that can’t be ignored. Despite common knowledge that sunburns can lead to skin cancer, the Centers for Disease Control reported that over one-third of adults […]

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Shirley R. - Wow, I did not know that milk and yogurt were an alternative for sun burns. I’ll have to try this on my grand kids next time since they have the least patience!

Lauren - I’ve heard of it before Shirley but I don’t drink milk or eat dairy at all really so I don’t have it on hand. I am definitely needed to restock on sunburn treatment since summer is over now. Seagate’s product is very affordable!

Emmanuel - nothing like some fun in the sun. my kids came home looking like red hot potatoes a few time and boy were they in pain. i’d certainly prefer to speed up the healing process. i’ll order this to surprise my wife 😉

Nancy Evans - Is this product ideal for burns from the sun reflecting on snow? I am planning a trip to Alaska this winter and I want to be prepared.

Richard (Founder) - Nancy- whether it is a direct burn from sunlight or reflected, it should be the same. Burns from reflected light on the snow tend to be worse since you are probably getting burnt from two angles at once!

Friday Farm Fact: Irrigating in a Desert

Farming in the desert might seem impossible and impractical if you aren’t entirely familiar with your agricultural history. Modern desert farming almost entirely relies on irrigation strategies, and there are a few different types of irrigation that have proven successful in arid climates. However, Native Americans in the Sonoran Desert have historically found ways to […]

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Maria - great info, didn’t know how hard it was to bring such great products to the customers

sarahluvzveggies - solar powered irrigation, that sounds awesome. i’m really excited about the future of solar.

Emmanuel - I’ve always wondered how hot places like California can handle such large crops yet have no water. Imperial Valley is one of the hottest places in the US.

Shirley R. - I have a hill in my backyard where I installed a drip irrigation system and it’s been so helpful. My knees had a hard time getting up that hill dragging a hose around.

Todd the toad - Thanks for the link about irrigation. i keep putting off installing a system partly cuz i don’t have the time but also because i’ve never done it before and don’t want to screw up.

Richard (Founder) - We take great pride that we are one of the few companies out there that actually grow the product and process it all ourselves. It is a lot of work – but it is also the reason why we have such a high quality line of supplements.

Asking your local health food store to stock Seagate

The single most common question we receive from Seagate customers each month is — how can they get their local health food store to carry some of the Seagate Products. Seagate does not employ sales reps to go into stores to get our products on to their shelves. Instead we rely on word-of-mouth recommendations from […]

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Lauren - I do check out your map of retailers from time to time to see if you have a new location near by. Sometimes I do like to speak face to face with someone about a particular supplement.

Kat Braza - I live out in the boonies, no health food store around here. That’s why I like the online option but for sure will mention this to my pals in the city.

sarahluvzveggies - i actually first learned about seagate from a health food store and really liked the product i bought! i’ve been following sg ever since.

Todd the toad - hmm, free tshirt and product. that is tempting.

Richard (Founder) - And we love our Customers

Treating Hemorrhoids the Natural Way

Hemorrhoids are one of those embarrassing medical conditions that no one likes to talk about. But they’re real, they’re common, and they’re treatable, so we’re going to help you deal with them. Over half of the U.S. population experiences hemorrhoids at some point in their lives, and the most common time is between ages 45 […]

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rob - you’re right, this is not a topic i enjoy bringing up. thanks for bringing it up first. i’ll just have my wife order the rectal spray in privacy… i have never tried that.

Nancy Evans - Are hemorrhoids more common with males? Rob gets them and my husband has them so frequently that they never seem to go away completely!! Fiber sounds like a good option to try, I doubt he’ll want to be in a bath all day.

Sammy Largo - Dang, over half the population experiences hemorrhoids at some point. Sounds like the olive products will be ideal to have on hand when the moment comes 🙂

Emmanuel - Actually Nancy my wife has had them as well so I wouldn’t be so quick to assume they are most common in males right away.

Surface Cleaner: Making Friends with Germs’ Worst Enemy

For all intents and purposes, there are two types of home cleaning: surface cleaning and deep cleaning. Deep cleaning is the intensive type that you probably do on a more occasional basis, down on your hands and knees scrubbing until your arms are sore. Surface cleaning is the easier type, like wiping the counters off […]

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Kat Braza - No way! Cell phones are considered a high-germ item? I have never thought about this before.. The bathroom is a given.

Trayvon - I go to a gym where it is mandatory to wipe down equipment after use. I’m such a clean freak though that I bring my own towl and sanitizer. The one I have though has a harsh odor though so this subtle product sounds better.

Sammy Largo - Germs shmerms. I can understand giving things a wipe down every so often but other than that it’s not on my mind and I have never had sickness from it.

Ralf - great gift for my gf. she is a clean freak big time and she loves organic products.

Boosting Your Plants’ Health Without Chemicals

If you’re like most farmers and gardeners, your plants could probably use an extra boost from time to time. Instead of relying on chemical fertilizers that take their toll on the environment and your health, you can easily find natural and organic fertilizers that work just as well (without any of those pesky side effects). […]

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sarahluvzveggies - great content! i have started a compost bin which i learned needs nitrogen and carbon. i’ve been putting lots of kitchen scraps in it but i need more plant material which i do not have enough of on my property…

Trayvon - Concentrated fish powder. I have not heard of that addition before. I read it lasts for 4-5 months before next application, that’s a good length of time.

rob - sarah, ask around for local suppliers of plant material or search people’s organic waste bins in your neighborhood when they put them out to be picked up. be careful about what you take though.

Nancy Evans - I have been composting for some time now and I am always interested in trying new supplements to add to enhance plant life. The fish powder sounds like a great product to try. I have seen a video about a man growing large vegetables primarily because of a special compost tea he made.

Using Shark Cartilage for joint issues

This is the response by Seagate to a customer’s inquiry regarding the possible use of shark cartilage for their joint issues. On occasion, the explanations we provide to important customer questions are important enough that they should be available for viewing by all customers. Dear Ron: We shipped a 300-cap bottle of the shark cartilage […]

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Nancy Evans - Thanks for explaining how the process works. I am definitely more interested in decreasing the joint pain altogether than just temporarily relieving it.

Emanuel - Taking painkiller would actually be more expensive over time. If you just cover the problem you will have to continue coming back to it but if it is addressed then you are better off.

rob - seagate has been doing these studies since 1993 and has backing from ucsd. that’s pretty impressive and shows the product has a success rate.

Lauren - Arthritis runs in my family consistently and my older relatives have been using this product and have noticed positive results. I’m so relieved they don’t have to keep taking painkiller because I know it will just get worse!

Settle Into An All-Natural Routine with Seagate Auto Shipments

So you’ve decided to take an all-natural approach to staying healthy…congratulations! Perhaps you’ve started taking natural supplements, like our grape seed extract and carrot powder, or started relieving minor illnesses with natural remedies like olive leaf nasal and throat spray. As with many parts of life, staying healthy is all about routine and consistency. Adjusting […]

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Kat Braza - That is a great option – one less thing to worry about. Are notifications sent out to remind us about the auto-ship order? I have done auto-ships before where I forgot about it and had to call the company.

Lauren - 5% discount, sweet! Makes sense to do auto-ship if you are going to be making purchases anyway plus being rewarded a discount. I order products for my family frequently so this is helpful.

Trayvon - Sounds good to me. I make smoothies all the time and need to constantly keep my supplements stocked so if I can just have it shipped to my home automatically I will never have to worry about it.

Sammy Largo - Does Seagate have a referral option? That would be a win-win option for everyone 🙂 Especially with the auto-ship.

Richard (Founder) - Sammy – we are currently working on this, check back with us in a few weeks and we will give you the update, it’s exciting news though!

Richard (Founder) - Hi Kat, yes you will receive a confirmation email each time your next auto-ship order is processed.